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A Look Back At The Best adidas Lionel Messi Football Boots

A Look Back At The Best adidas Lionel Messi Football Boots

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Tue, Jun 29.21

A Look Back At The Best adidas Lionel Messi Football Boots

With the arrival of the adidas Speedflow Leo Messi 'El Retorno' imminent, we take a look back through the archives and run through some of the best and brightest boots adidas have produced for the Argentinian superstar. 

2010/11 - F50 adizero Messi Ballon d'Or Gold/Black

Adidas F50 adizero Messi Ballon d'Or "Gold/Black" 2010/11

Lionel Messi became the third player in history to win 3 Ballon d'Ors in as many years, walking alongside Michel Platini and Marco Van Basten. Messi was collecting trophies like Pokémon cards in 2011, adding the Ballon d'Or to his ridiculous trophy haul that year; the La Liga Title, Champions League Trophy, Supercopa, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup, UEFA Player of the Year, La Liga Player of the Year, the list goes on. 

To commemorate his stunning season, adidas created some stunning boots for this stunning Argentinian. ‘Fifa Ballon d'Or player of the year’ and ‘Gracias a todos’ (thanks to all) were written on the gold upper with 2009, 2010, 2011 written within the three stripes for his Ballon d'Or Hattrick. Messi later donned the boots on pitch as they were not available for retail purchase, a golden tribute to football’s golden boy.

2012/13 - F50 adizero Messi Ballon d'Or Black/Gold 



A year on Messi went and did it again, becoming the only player in history at the time to win 4 Ballon d'Ors. Messi’s 2012 might be the best individual year any player has had, scoring 91, yes 91 goals for the calendar year, smashing the previous record of 85 by Bayern Munich marksman Gerd Muller. That's 91 goals in 69 appearances, 79 in 60 for Barca and 12 in 9 for his country. Unbelievable. 

Adidas had to do something special to top last year's Ballon d'Or f50 effort and they just about managed it. This time opting for a black and gold number featuring four suns for Argentina representing his four Ballon d'Or wins. Leo wore the boots against Malaga in the Copa Del Rey Quarter Finals, did they win? Of course they did. Did Messi score in his new wheels? Of course he did. 

2013/14 - F50 adizero Messi Running White/Red 

Adidas F50 adizero Messi "Running White/Red" 2013/14

By 2013 Messi had become one of the greatest players in the history of the game, 5 La Liga titles, 3 Champions League titles, four Ballon d'Ors in a row, 91 goals in a year, adidas had to honour that with something special. He was given his first signature f50, designed with his identity in mind, red being his favourite colour. The boot was 2 years in the making, with adidas monitoring Messi’s movement on the pitch which were then analysed and reflected in the new boot. 

The boots featured the new Messi logo and had a completely white soleplate with singular red stud amongst 10 other white studs, representing Messi and his 10 team mates. Leo himself was the only player to get this f50 colourway, maybe they’ll let someone else wear it when they win 4 Ballon d'Ors in a row.

2014 - F50 adizero Messi Birthday Edition



As a birthday present to the world’s best, adidas had to make the birthday boy another special boot. The boot features a party themed colourway with green, blue, orange and pink all featuring on a white upper. Only 27 pairs of these were made, with the 27 year old getting a pair and the other 26 pairs being given away by adidas and selected partners. 

The boots only graced the pitch once when Messi wore them during an Argentina training session on his birthday, ahead of Argentina’s 2014 World Cup game against Nigeria. Messi didn’t rock these boots during the World Cup because he was too busy wearing his custom version of the 2014 Battle Pack.

2013/14 - F50 adizero Messi "370"

Adidas F50 adizero Messi "370" 2013/14

With the Argentine smashing in goals year after year, he was bound to become Barcelona’s all-time top scorer sooner rather than later. Paulino Alcantara held the previous record with 369, which had stood for 87 years, surpassed with a hattrick against Osasuna, all in a day's work for Leo. 

To celebrate another one of the magician's ridiculous achievements, adidas just had to make another limited edition boot, making 370 pairs. Cool. The right and left boot both have unique designs which was a first for adidas. The dots on each boot represent a goal he scored with that foot. The shoes also featured the name and birthday of his only child at the time, Thiago. Messi broke them in during a routine win against Celta Vigo in which yep, of course he scored. 

F50 Messi - Samba collection edition

F50 adizero Messi "White/Black/Slime" 2013/14

In 2014 it was samba time, with the Brazil World Cup just around the corner, adidas combined the four colourways from the Samba pack to create this stunning f50 just for the man himself. The colours for the new boots supposedly took inspiration from Messi’s energy sources; his friends, family, teammates and the people of Argentina which are all represented by the colours featured on the boot. 

Messi took to the pitch wearing these samba sensations for the first time against Manchester City in the Champions League, and we know what the means by now, goals. Messi also chucked them on for Barcelona’s 4-3 Clasico victory against Real Madrid, of course meaning he had to score a hattrick making him the highest scorer in El Clasico history. Give it a rest man.

F50 Battle pack 2014 World Cup - Messi edition


For the 2014 World Cup Messi was given his very own version of the F50 Battle-Pack, every body else was stuck with black and white boots for the tournament, but that's not how Leo rolls. Messi's F50's were equipped with the blue laces and graphic down the middle of the boot, representing his home nation Argentina. This World Cup was massive for Lionel, probably his best chance to take the trophy home. 

Messi scored 4 goals for the tournament and took his side all the way to the final, which was billed as the world's best player vs the world’s best team in Germany. Unfortunately for Messi the best team won with Mario Götze putting a dagger through the heart of Messi and his country with his 113th minute winner. Messi was later named player of the tournament for his efforts, add that one to the list.

adidas adizero F50 Messi 'Neon Orange'

Post the golden ball winning World Cup, adidas started to ramp up the Messi signature boot even more than they have been with the third Messi boot for the year so far. The boots were neon orange all over, designed to reflect the magic and success our man Lionel produces on the pitch. The boots were covered in quotes describing Leo’s on pitch abilities, creating possibly the most Messi boot yet.  

The insole of the boot reads "más que un botín" (More than a boot) a modified version of the famous Barca slogan "Més que un club" (More than a club) and is written in the Blaugrana colours. New boots means a new record, surpassing Telmo Zarra for most La Liga goals ever.

F50 adizero Messi 'Pibbe de Barr10'

In 2015 Messi stuck three past Rayo Vallecano making him the all time leading hattrick scorer. To celebrate this, adidas did the only thing they knew how, making him another limited edition boot. This was a special one, designed as a tribute to his hometown; Las Heras, Rosario in collaboration with another Rosario-born artist, Ignacio Valenti.

The design pays tribute to Messi’s childhood in the streets of Rosario, mixing raw brush strokes with a polished sleekness on the upper in a way to capture Messi’s footballing style; beautiful and dangerous, like Megan Fox.

Messi 15.1 FG - First ever Messi specific boot



In the European Summer of 2015 adidas had decided that the Argentinian had probably done enough to deserve his own boot, designing the Messi 15.1. The boot later launched in a platinum colour containing real platinum elements which had never been done before. The shoe also featured four gold and one platinum dot on the heel for his record five Ballon d'Or Player of the Year awards. Last but not least the boot has ‘the greatest of all time’ written in Spanish on the insole. Must be nice. 

Leo wore the Metallic Ice colourway of his new boots in the Champions League Final win against Juventus, taking his total European Cup tally to four. Now did he score? Wait, no, he didn't, what the fuck.

Messi 15 '10/10'

Messi 10/10 time, 100 pairs of these released on the 10th day of the 10th month 2015. Leo got a pair, 10 were given out to others in the campaign, then there were 89 pairs up for grabs at the adidas Barcelona store if you could be arsed lining up with thousands of others. The release kicked off the tradition of special edition Messi boots dropping on that date every year, stick it in the calendar. 

Each pair was Messi’s size, coming with a top quality leather tag, featuring the serial number for that pair. In metallic gold sits ‘10’ on the heel and the Team Messi logo embossed on the upper of the boots in black. Nice.

Messi 16 '10/10'


The 10/10 was back a year later, releasing another 100 pairs on the 10th of October (Did you stick in the calendar?) this time getting the colour out. Splashes of green and purple all over the upper and a metallic soleplate, adidas didn’t hold back with this one. Each pair was again individually numbered from 1 to 100 with the leather tag. 


The signature Messi logo takes up the instep of the shoe this time, with a 10/10 inscription on the heel. These ones weren’t released in Messi country though, this time dropping in New York City, if you managed to get a pair, we don’t believe you. 

2016 - adidas Messi 16+ Pure agility



In 2016 adidas were ready to update the Messi line with the 16+ Pure Agility. The boot is dressed in a "Metallic Copper" wrap giving it that trophy look which represents Messi’s standing in the world game. Messi opted for the 16.1 version without the lace cover but the 16+ came with the bells and whistles, Agilityknit upper, heel lining, and the sprintframe outsole. 

The boot dropped ready for the end of the La Liga season, in which guess who finished top scorer. Barca fell just short of the title, losing out to Real Madrid, however they still managed to win the Copa Del Rey and Supercopa, not a great season by Messi standards but not bad.

2021 - adidas X Speedflow Back To Messi Edition - 'El Retorno' 



Messi is now 34 years old and has formed a legacy for himself that will never be topped, for which he needs a boot that will never be topped. Introducing ‘El Retorno’. Messi is back in the three stripes’ speed silo and this slipper is packed full of nostalgia. The boot is modelled on the f30 he wore when he scored THAT goal against Getafe 14 years ago.

The boot is overflowing with nods to the boy from Rosario, with Messi 10 logos featuring throughout the boot and Leo 19, the number he wore when he ruined Getafe. There's a nice little acknowledgement for the boot nerds too, f30 on the right boot and f50 on the left, the boots he wore before he moved to his signature Messi line. Now the only thing left for this boot to make it a 'Messi' is a goal on debut. Free kick, top bins? Go on then. 

You'll be able to pick up the new adidas X Speedflow Messi.1 in store at Ultra HQ and online soon. Stay tuned to our Instagram account for launch info. 

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