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Article by: Mickey

Fri, Jul 01.22

For the latest in our Ultra Mag series we caught up with Western Sydney Wanderers right back, Tate Russell. Tate has a wealth of experience at 22 years of age, having played at Wollongong Olympic, Football NSW, South Coast Wolves and Western Sydney Wanderers where he has played since 2015.

Off the pitch Tate is one of the most humble and interesting characters we've had the pleasure of catching up with. We're already looking forward to our next catch up in the not too distant future.

We hope you enjoy this one!

Thanks for catching up with us in your hometown, Tate! You're one of the most down to earth athletes we've ever caught up with. Where does your grounded nature come from? 
I dont think it’s come from any one place. Family, friends, teammates and coaches have definitely influenced the way I am, and you can definitely count on your mates to bring you down back to earth.
When we caught up we spoke about how you spent a lot of the covid period learning about philosophy and many other things. Is this something that has continued?
This came from last season when I had the realisation that I won’t be able to play football forever. I have different interests outside of football and I guess last season was just a start at exploring some of them in my spare time.
What are currently some of the interesting things you are learning about?
I’ve had the privilege of not just playing with some great footballers, but smart people. I'm trying my best to set up my life after football and have had great advice and tips from current and ex teammates who I would consider lifelong mates. I'm trying my best to get around investing and property these days which has been great.
What are some other things you enjoy doing away from the football pitch?
Away from the pitch I like doing pretty much anything with friends and family. They’re not just my biggest supporters but when you have football in your mind 24/7 they can be a great mental break as well. Golf and surfing has been taking up a lot of my spare time though…
Can you please describe your fashion style and some of the brands you like to wear?
I’d describe my style as street and casual. Barney cools, vetements, off white are a couple I like. 

A lot of players we chat to say music plays a big role in their pre-game. Is music important to you and who are some of your favourite artists?
Music is a huge part in my game. Before and after games, and just in general I always have something playing. My music is kind of all over the place, I like Drake, Lil baby, Tems, SG Lewis, COEO and Hot since 82 to name a few.

Did your Dad Ian encourage you to play rugby league given his successful playing career? Or did he give you the freedom to choose?
I always had the freedom to choose from both my parents. Dad always preferred me playing football over rugby league just because of the toll it had on his body later on in life but for me the choice was always an easy one.
For readers who have never been to Wollongong - can you describe what it is like there?
Wollongong always feels like such a big place but if you went to the local pub you’re always going to run into someone you know. It’s a little gem away from how busy Sydney is.
Do you think a Wollongong A-Leagues set up would be successful one day?
There is definitely a potential for an A-Leagues team to be successful in Wollongong. The football culture is so big and I think most people would agree that they would love a club the represents them just around the corner playing in win stadium.
What are you looking forward to most this off-season?
This off-season I'd been looking forward to just spending time with friends and family. Personally it felt like such a disappointing season and to get home and relax sounded great, although it didn’t take too long before I missed training everyday and playing.

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