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adidas Launch Juventus Home & Away Jerseys

adidas Launch Juventus Home & Away Jerseys

Article by: Bella Sewards

Tue, Jul 26.22

adidas Launch Juventus Home & Away Jerseys

Adidas unveils another classic setup with Juventus 2022/23 home and away jersey’s combining modernity with the traditional Bianconeri look.

The new Juventus home jersey celebrates the Old Lady, incorporating the club’s classic black and white stripes with small triangles as an ode to the magic of the Allianz stadium.

From being one of Italy’s oldest and most successful clubs, the jersey aims to unite the Juve family every time it is worn. Since their move to the stadium in 2011, Juve fans have enjoyed endless moments of magic on the pitch, and the simple crew neck collar jersey represents just this. The jersey integrates five triangles to form a star, whilst the ‘Jeep’ sponsor offers a striking image of electricity - a feeling that will no doubt be felt next season.

The adidas Juventus away strip is cool, calm, and collected. Adidas has stuck with an all-black jersey, incorporating white accents on the collar and shoulder stripes to echo the club’s iconic colours. The logo pops against the dark background and represents the electric energy felt on night games.


After a disappointing campaign for the Old Lady, Juventus seem to be building an intimidating starting XI ahead of the 2022/23 season. With players like Pogba, Di Maria and Chiesa in the mix, this formidable side is expected to score their fair share of goals in the league. Leonardo Bonucci admits he wants to win more trophies with two years left at the stadium, and hopefully his dream comes true.


As next season creeps closer, Juve fans are more than keen to see their favourite players bring the magic to the pitch.

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