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The Melbourne Victory Afghan Women's Jerseys Are Available Now

The Melbourne Victory Afghan Women's Jerseys Are Available Now

Article by: Mickey

Wed, May 04.22

The Melbourne Victory Afghan Women's Jerseys Are Available Now
One of the most amazing and humbling stories in sport at the moment is unfolding in Melbourne. It was only last year that the Afghan women's national team were safe and playing football in their home. A team of young women with freedom to play for their country with pride. Having the ability to be a positive influence on others without fear.
9 months later in present day, the team are in a foreign country playing under the Melbourne Victory name with the help of Craig Foster. Safe from the deep issues back home and eager to bring awareness to their experiences. An eagerness which is important in many ways given it can help change the way some residents view refugees here in Australia.
This story is like a movie. One day they were free, then next day they were burning their football jerseys and getting on a plane to a distant, unknown land. Leaving family, friends, careers and quite literally everything behind.
This team has a bond like no other. The issues back home and their shared experience unites them. Football is the outlet which keeps them focussed and positive for the future. A future many of the team hope can end up with them returning to their home, able to share their experiences and learnings from Australia. A place where they are free to be themselves. A stark contrast to current life back in Afghanistan.

We sat down with two of the girls at their jersey presentation in Melbourne recently and both professed their love for the game. We asked what they like to do away from the pitch, but time and time again the conversation came back to what they love the most. Football. A game Melbourne Victory is supporting them to play once more as they take part in the State League 5 women's tournament as the Melbourne Victory Afghan women's team. The Afghan national flag sitting proudly on the back of their jerseys with the letters AWT (Afghan women's team).
The team is still the only active women's football team from Afghanistan still playing since the Taliban returned to power. Football will not be played in their country, so they'll play it here and do so with pride. 
If you want to support the team you now can with the Melbourne Victory Afghan women's team home and away jerseys which are now on sale. We must stress these are both limited edition and all proceeds will go back into their football program. A program led by Victory A-Leagues Women's manager, Jeff Hopkins.
Get yours now to avoid disappointment and we encourage all to get to their games this season. After witnessing their big home win on the weekend we can assure you they can certainly put on a show! 

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