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The Lotto Stadio 'Made In Italy' Has Arrived

The Lotto Stadio 'Made In Italy' Has Arrived

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Feb 03.21

The Lotto Stadio 'Made In Italy' Has Arrived

Chances are if you're in your late 20s and beyond, you've seen and maybe even rocked a pair of Lotto Stadio football boots in the past. The Stadio is the premium Italian brands most iconic silo, with the brand deciding to fill us up with nostalgia by bringing back the icon in a modern way for the current player to enjoy.

The Stadio has been on show for decades, first breaking onto the scene in the 80s and being worn by some of the games most legendary players. Think Cafu, Seedorf and the who's who of Serie A during the glory days. 

The classic fold over tongue still looks incredible on the modern version, with Lotto staying faithful to the evergreen style. The boot uses a unique mix of excellent materials and vintage spirit - handmade in Italy with the best K-leather available. If you take a look under the classic tongue you'll notice a patch that references the debut design from 1990, a really nice touch for connoisseurs to appreciate. 

Lotto Stadio Football Boots

Those who know Lotto will already know that the boots offer great comfort and exceptional touch on the ball. 

The Lotto Stadio is for players who respect the past and want to bring unrivalled style and class to the pitch. If you can pull off a pair of Stadio boots on pitch - you're guaranteed to turn heads. 

Get the Lotto Stadio in store at Ultra HQ in Sydney or online here

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