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The History Of Meyba

The History Of Meyba

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Sep 07.22

The History Of Meyba
Meyba is a brand packed full of heritage and one we're honoured to stock at Ultra Football. With our favourite ever Meyba collection now here in the form of the '92 collection, we thought we'd look at the history of the brand. The things that make it so special and enchanting all these years later.
Meyba was established in Spain back in 1940 as a swimwear brand. "Mey" and "Ba" were the nicknames of the two guys selling beach shorts at the time, hence the name. Josep Mestre and Joaquim Ballbé decided after years in the swimwear scene to focus on other sporswear, particularly football kits. Their most famous stretch in their history was no doubt between 1982 - 1992. This was the period in which the iconic mitica "M" logo graced the kits of FC Barcelona.
Arguably the games greatest ever player, Maradona, rocked the "M" logo during the 80s - but things soon got even better. Fans of the European Cup, now the Champions League, will note that this timeframe included one of FC Barcelona's biggest moments. None other than their first European Cup triumph back in 1992.
Meyba Football History
Some of the games biggest names played in that famous final at Wembley against Sampdoria. Think Guardiola, Stoichkov, Laudrup and, of course, Ronaldo Koeman who won it in extra-time. His stunning free kick was the difference in a win that set Barcelona on their way for more success. 
While it was a successful period for the club on the pitch, this also coincided with the end of Barcelona kits supplied by Meyba. John Cruyff's 'total football' philosophy ensured all eyes were on this team and it was the perfect send off. His '92 team will go down in history as his "Dream Team" - made even more dreamy thanks to those kits.
It wasn't just Barca that the Spanish brand had on their books as well. There were many other local teams, including fellow powerhouse Atlético de Madrid and even Portuguese giants FC Porto. Not bad, hey?
Meyba Football Collection
Today Meyba aims to create collections of fresh casual sportswear that pays homage to the origins and principles of the old Mediterranean values. Looking good not only on the pitch but also on the streets is the essence of Meyba.
To bring the brand back to the forefront, Neal Heard was brought in. What a signing. You know Neal... the man behind Lovers FC, the Art of Football Shirt exhibition, iconic book "Trainers" and work with brands such as Le Coq Sportif & Lyle & Scott. We can't forget one of our favourites as well - "The Football Shirts Book: The Connoisseur’s Guide" featuring some of the most iconic kits ever made.
Meyba is a brand at the top of their game at the moment and with a history this rich to build on, the future is bright. A look at the new '92 collection shows they know how to pay homage to their incredible roots. A look at their recent lifestyle drops shows they know exactly where they're going and that they're here to stay.

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