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History Of F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B)

History Of F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B)

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Jun 30.21

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  • History Of F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B)

    To learn about F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B) we have to go all the way back to 1999. Founder of Japanese label SOPHNET., Hirofumi Kiyonaga, had always been a football fan and with the World Cup in Japan on the horizon in 2002, he wanted to fill a gap in the market with football specific lifestyle apparel. He saw it as a way of showing his support for the tournament in the way he knew how - through his passion for design. 

    Prior to the creation of SOPHNET. - Kiyonaga worked under the tutelage of Jean Touitou of A.P.C. Touitou is one of the most famous street fashion designers in France, so the ability to work closely with him allowed Kiyonaga to learn the importance of creating on a fundamental level with importance given to all details and ideas - not just creating clothing for the sake of it. 

    Hirofumi Kiyonaga

    During these early years, Kiyonaga had always fantasised about having his own professional team and designing the kits and off-field gear. If he couldn't do it in a real physical sense - he thought he could conceptualise a fantasy style team and create gear for players and supporters under a club banner that didn't actually exist - F.C. Real Bristol.



    His interest in music, especially from Bristol in the UK, was a massive influence on his new brand. Bands like Massive Attack, pioneers of the 'Bristol Sound', were the inspiration behind the F.C. Real Bristol name. Massive Attack was so influential to him that he decided the FCRB brand logo should pay homage to the Massive Attack logo.

    Massive Attack

    For twenty years now the brand has aimed to infuse street-style with athletic clothing staples to create unique sportswear and streetwear. The brand strives to be pinnacle product that, while stylish, also remains functional. 

    In the early 2000's it wasn't long before Nike noticed the heat coming out of Japan and got involved from a collaboration point of view. Nike agreed with the new creative concept and decided to develop the gear.

    It's pretty amazing to think one of the biggest companies in the world got involved to sponsor an imaginary football club at the time, and this connection really boosted the FCRB brand into another realm. The interest went through the roof not only in Japan but globally.  



    Kiyonaga eventually got to bring the imaginary concept into the real existing world when he signed a deal to sponsor his local football club, Oita Trinita.

    The club currently resides in the J1 League after a five year absence from the top flight. He travels to Ōita every home game to support the club and hopes to see the team back in the J-League soon. 

    As well as sponsoring an outdoor football team, Kiyonaga also started a futsal collection, FCRB-FIVE, and sponsored Oita Vasagey in the Japanese F league.

    The contribution to the football scene from FCRB's fashion industry lense has received great support from top J-league athletes and in 2021, FCRB continues to grow as a powerhouse imaginary big club.

    Since creating FCRB the brand has collaborated with brands such as Casio, Mastermind, Helinox, Swarovski, New Era and now Spanish based football brand - Meyba. 

    Those of you who know us well will remember our Meyba Season 1 lifestyle collection earlier this year. With FCRB and Meyba now collaborating... stay tuned. We might have something big on the horizon. 

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