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The Best Jerseys At EURO 2020

The Best Jerseys At EURO 2020

Article by: Mickey

Thu, Jun 10.21

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  • The Best Jerseys At EURO 2020

    The Euros are here! We're pumped about it and you should be too. You just know there's going to be some epic on-pitch moments to go with some of the best the game has ever seen from tournaments gone by - think Marco Van Basten's volley, Gazza against Scotland, Suker's chip - the list goes on and on. 

    These big moments on the pitch immortalise the jerseys worn forever. Who's going to score the big goals or pull off the best skill moves this year? We'll have to wait and see.

    In the meantime lets count down 10 of our favourite jerseys at the major tournament this year starting with a cracker. 

    1. France Home

    France Euro 2020 Home Jersey

    We had to start with the tournament favourites. Having won the World Cup in 2018 with such a strong squad, Les Blues thought it was fair enough to bring in one of the best number 9's on the planet from exile in Karim Benzema. It doesn't seem fair - but boy it will be fun to watch them in their new Nike home jersey

    The red band running across the chest, reminiscent of the 1998 WC winning jersey, looks magnifique. The jersey also uses blue stripes in tribute to classic marinière designs. If you're wondering what the hell marinière means - it's the striped sweaters that were originally worn by the French Navy back in the day. 

    France won the Euros in 2000 right after their WC win back in 1998, and you get the sense with Mbappé and co joined by Benzema, they may just do the same once more.

    2. Germany Home

    Germany Euro 2020 Home Jersey

    Another tournament, another classic adidas Germany home jersey. Stripes have been ever-present in the design of the European powerhouses jerseys since the 1980's and this one is no different. There is a dose of freshness this time around however, with the stripes being hand-painted, elevating the jersey with classy brushstrokes for the stripes. 

    The jersey is a fresh take for a new generation of players who will need to guide the team and take them forward after a disappointing few years for Die Mannschaft. The tournament will be the end of the Joachim Löw era - and the team will be eager to end things on a high with older pros like Thomas Müller and Mats Hummels recalled which has gone down well with fans. 

    It's a squad that can still shake things up and they certainly have a jersey crying out for the knockout stages. It deserves to be there. 

    3. Portugal Home



    The defending champs will be looking clean on pitch with the brilliantly basic Nike Portugal home jersey. Cristiano Ronaldo and co will be going back to their classic red jersey, green shorts combo for the first time since 2004 - back when Rui Costa and Portugal lost out to Greece in the final. 

    The home jersey also has gold accents which reminds the watching world that they are the holders having beat France back in 2016. This time around they may well meet in the final again in another mouthwatering clash. Stay tuned. 

    4. Russia Away

    Russia Euro 2020 Away Jersey

    After getting the Russian national colours in the wrong order on the home jersey sleeves last year (yep!) adidas have turned things around for the Russians with a tricolour stunner for the away jersey - and yes, they fixed up the home.

    The blue and red bands across the centre of the jersey stand out really nicely here. We're big fans of horizontal lines across jerseys at the best of times - and this is one of the standouts this year. Just don't expect the Russians to play too well in it.

    5. Spain Home



    You'll notice a theme for all of the adidas jerseys we talk about for the Euros - art. The artistic influence for the Spain home jersey was inspiration from abstract art, based around the national flag.

    The design is actually really cool as it was created by breaking the flag into single pixels and putting it back together, hence the almost pixelated style. We rate it - although we're far from convinced about how far Spain will go at the tournament.

    As well as the artistic elements used in design, the jersey also pays homage to the 100th anniversary of Spain’s first federation shirt and the first time they used a lion as their crest. We love a bit of storytelling and this jersey has the right amount of it. 

    6. Netherlands Home

    Netherlands Euro 2020 Home Jersey

    When you think of iconic national team jerseys it's normal that the Netherlands jumps to mind straight away. The Oranje simply have one of the most recognisable jerseys on the planet and have made orange theirs since they debuted the colour. 

    The jersey design includes a geometric outline of a lion, with the players needing to have that same mentality to be able to do well at this tournament. They have the players, but there's concerns over the manager and his tactics ahead of the tournament. It seems like the dutch could well be in danger of an early exit. 

    7. Croatia Home



    If the Netherlands home jersey is iconic then the Croatia home jersey is definitely in the same vein. Who else is as recognisable? There isn't much new here because there shouldn't be. Red and white checks - brilliant. That's all that's needed for Croatia fans and players to be happy and filled with pride when they run out onto the pitch. 

    It's their first major tournament since making the 2018 WC final. With an ageing team it will be fascinating to see if Modrić and the boys can go again and spring another surprise. 

    8. Germany Away

    Germany Euro 2020 Away Jersey

    Bang. The Germany away jersey caught the attention of kit collectors and jersey aficionados around the world with the black-out design flooring jaws when it dropped. It still fires us up when we look at it - and given we only have youth sizes left, many Aussie and NZ fans down here have jumped on the hype too. 

    The design is met with gold and red trim on the sleeve cuffs which, of course, pay homage to the national flag. It's a winner in every sense.

    9. England Home



    A design for the modern England team - with united and togetherness at the forefront. Even as Australians who enjoy a strong rivalry with the poms, we've got to say that this jersey is top notch. 

    The collar and stripes down the sides of the jersey are embossed with a graphic to reflect a 'community of lions' with all players and fans aligned in their hopes and dreams of glory on home soil at Wembley.

    There's also some very strong '98 WC vibes with this jersey. That centred 3 Lions badge reminds us of Becks, Shearer, Owen and co back in France. Now it's time for the new generation of stars to potentially bring it home for England. 

    10. Spain Away

    Spain Euro 2020 Away Jersey

    Now this is a modern away jersey. Classic white met with flashes of silver and red - the Spain away jersey is clean and the sleeve cuffs in red and yellow, which pay homage to the national flag, really stand out against the white. 

    We might just have a soft spot for this one due to the fact we have the replica fan edition and on-pitch authentic editions in store and online. If you want to run around the park or backyard in the jersey Thiago will be repping at the tournament, now you can.

    Keen to show your support during the Euros? Grab any of the above Euro 2020 national team jerseys in store at Ultra HQ in Sydney or online while stocks last. Given the Euros has been delayed by a full year, numbers are tight!

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