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Sit down with Danny Dixon of Hume City

Sit down with Danny Dixon of Hume City

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Wed, Apr 06.22

Sit down with Danny Dixon of Hume City

We were lucky enough to sit down with Danny Dixon from Hume City to chat about his recovery from testicular cancer. Danny gives us a great insight on the support he's had from the footballing community, how he's recovering from chemotherapy & looking forward to getting back out on the pitch.

Thanks for chatting with us Danny, firstly how're you feeling?  

I'm feeling good now, it's been 3 weeks since my last chemo session and feeling back to normal and feels better to have some routine back with Football and work again. 

Can you describe the feeling & emotions of the charity match on Sunday? What was it like to represent the foundation? 

It was amazing, the foundation are doing an amazing job educating people and to be able to be part of it on Sunday was so good and hopefully we can keep doing events to get everyone together and keep raising awareness and helping the foundation as much as we possibly can.


How important are days like that in spreading awareness and educating the community?  

They are massive! I think most people will be in the same boat I was 2-3 months ago thinking something like this would never happen to you, and I definitely thought that, that's why I want to get the awareness out there and educate people because it can happen to anyone at anytime.

Do you have any advice for young men & women in catching these types of things early?  and coping post-diagnosis? 

Just keep checking for symptoms yourself and as soon as something doesn't feel right just get it checked. Don't wait a week or month and think I'll see if anything changes! Just go and get yourself checked straight away.


What's the support been like from friends, family & the community? 

It's been amazing, from family, friends, Hume city, the football community it's been amazing and I can't thank everyone enough for their support.  

How keen are you to get back on the pitch with teammates?  How're you feeling about the season ahead? 

I actually played 45 minutes last week in the cup and 20 minutes on Friday in the league so I've managed to get back on the pitch quicker than expected but I told myself from day one I would be back playing by round 7 and I was, so I'm happy with that, but it felt so good to be back out there with the lads. We haven't started the season as well as we have wanted to do we have a lot of work to do but I don't have any doubts we will bounce back and get back to where we belong 

To donate to Danny's cause please click here or visit the link in out Instagram bio 

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