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Nike Release The New Flight Ball For 2021/22 Premier League Season

Nike Release The New Flight Ball For 2021/22 Premier League Season

Article by: Mickey

Fri, Jun 18.21

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  • Nike Release The New Flight Ball For 2021/22 Premier League Season

    The Nike Flight ball has really blown us away since it came out last year and the new 2021/22 Premier League match ball continues to wow us with a fluid design that stands out. 

    Nike has been the supplier of the Premier League ball for 22 years now, with this new ball being the second groundbreaking Flight ball that Nike spent eight years working on. The AerowSculpt technology, designed to give the ball truer flight and improved consistency, has been really well received and is present once again for this ball.

    The main update comes via the colourway and graphic updates to better represent the Premier League being one of the most connected leagues in the world. The added colour splashes from the crimson circle showcases a ball fit for the most exciting league around.



    The colour is also there to help players react quicker and feel more confident in their decisions on the pitch.

    The coolest new feature is the pattern design which is completely fluid around the ball. There's no old school panelling here which feels really futuristic. 

    "It's been the most incredible season and you could really feel the difference with the Nike Flight ball. I'm constantly striving for more consistency, particularly when it comes to goals and assists, and this ball certainly helps me achieve that. I'm excited to get back to playing with it next season." - Mason Mount, Chelsea.

    We've loved the recent re-issues from Nike and predict this could be one that comes back around one day in a limited release because of how out there the design is. Keen to buy the new 21/22 Premier League Flight ball? You'll be able to get yours in store at Ultra HQ in Sydney and online soon. Stay tuned to our socials and launch calendar for updates. 

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