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Nike Mercurial Green Speed 360

Nike Mercurial Green Speed 360

Article by: Adamo De Nigris

Wed, Nov 21.18

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  • Nike Mercurial Green Speed 360

    The Return of the Nike Green Speed!


    The return of the Nike Green Speed is here and it is the best return ever, bar none. It's here and it's hotter than ever! The Nike GS360 is amazing. The only thing we can say about it is, there're only a few available around the world and you need to jump on one as fast as you can. As few as 2,018 pairs are available world wide and Ultra Football is the only destination in Australia to get your pair.


    The original release in 2012 featured a deadly combination of lightweight innovation and recycled materials. This 2018 release has got this same idea in mind but with modern technology intertwined.

    The Flyknit upper of the Nike Mercurial Superfly is apparent with the GS but there is also an infusion of new technology that makes this GS superbly unique. The new collar is also a marked difference from regular Superflys,  however to soleplate is an ode to the original release of the GS Concept back in 2012.



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