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Mizuno Release Takedown Models of the Morelia Neo III & Rebula Cup

Mizuno Release Takedown Models of the Morelia Neo III & Rebula Cup

Article by: Nathan Antonucci

Wed, Aug 03.22

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  • Mizuno Release Takedown Models of the Morelia Neo III & Rebula Cup

    The local leagues may be starting to wind up, but that won’t stop a fresh drop of Mizuno takedown models to help you get through the business end of the season.

    This week, we launched three takedown models from Japanese sportswear giant Mizuno, including two colourways of the Morelia Neo III as well as the eye-catching silver Rebula cup model. Both in the tier 2, ‘elite’ version. So, what’s the difference between the elite and the top of the range MIJ? Let me run you through it.

    Firstly, the MIJ’s are of course, made in Japan. While the elite model is manufactured in Indonesia along with much of the wider football boot market.

    Secondly, we don’t see the same lasting process in the Elites as the MIJ’s. The MIJ’s are lasted for 24 hours, which basically means the boot has sat on a moulded artificial foot for a whole day, while the elite model has been lasted for around 20 minutes, which is the industry standard.

    Further, the MIJ soleplate is double glued to the upper with a second coat delicately administered through a syringe, while the elite, much like almost all other top end boots on the market, are glued just the one time.

    What you do get in the elites, however, is that exact same premium quality K-Leather upper as well as the balanced and reliable soleplate that we’ve come to know and love from the MIJ.

    There is a little bit less foam in the mid and back range of the elite boot, which takes a touch of comfort away in comparison with the MIJ, but in doing this, does still manage to keep the weight down for those speed-based players. In fact, the elite models are extremely similar in weight and feel, at around 210-215g as opposed to the 190-205g of the MIJ model. Which incredibly, keeps the elites around the top 15 lightest boots on the market while still maintaining that premium quality K-Leather. 

    The Elite’s do also come in at an extremely reasonable price point, the Morelia Neo III models are priced at $260.00 while the Rebula Cup sits at just $240.00. The Elite models manage to maintain a lot of the key premium features that have become so synonymous with the Mizuno brand, all the while keeping the price down for consumers.

    You can shop the ‘Elite’ Mizuno range now @ Ultra Football These won’t hang aroun

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