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Kylian Mbappé Jersey History

Kylian Mbappé Jersey History

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Wed, Nov 03.21

Kylian Mbappé Jersey History

Kylian Mbappé has already worn some iconic kits in his short career, with title winning shirts and a World Cup win with France. We take a look at all the jerseys Mbappé has worn in his professional career so far. 


AS Monaco 2015/16 - Nike 

The first-ever jerseys Mbappé wore in professional football were the 2015/16 AS Monaco jerseys. The home shirt was a half red and white design with red cuffs on the sleeves and collar and gold trimming. The away Jersey was all navy with touches of yellow, a tribute to similar jerseys in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

AS Monaco 2016/17 - Nike

In Mbappé's second season at Monaco, the home shirt was another traditional half red and white Monaco shirt, very similar to the previous years but without the gold trimming. The away shirt was all white with black trimming and a black and golden version of the AS Monaco badge. The club also used the previous seasons away shirt as the third kit. 

PSG 2017/18 - Nike  

In 2017/18 Mbappé joined PSG on loan and had swapped out the red and white of Monaco for the blue and red of Paris. The home jersey was blue with a non-traditional red Hechter stripe down the middle, much smaller than usual. The away kit was all yellow with black trimming and the third was black and silver will a subtle pattern. 

France World Cup 2018 - Nike  

Mbappé was called up to the France squad for the 2018 World Cup, where he was part of the winning side and was also named young player of the tournament, scoring in the final. Mbappé wore the France home shirt which was dark blue and featured a lighter blue pattern on the sleeves. The away jersey for the 2018 World Cup was all white hints of red and blue coming through in the fabric. 


PSG 2018/19 - Nike 

Mbappé joined PSG permanently in 2018/19 and wore another interesting take on the PSG Hechter stripe, with a red zig-zag pattern running down the middle of the jersey. The away shirt was a beige colour, the first time it had been used for PSG. The third shirt used in the Champions League was the first PSG jersey to use the Jordan Jumpman logo, along with an all-white version for the 4th kit. 

PSG 2019/20 - Nike  

In 2019/20 Mbappé wore the PSG home shirt which featured a more traditional Hechter stripe than previous years. The away jersey was a fluorescent orange colour with black trimming and the featured the Jordan Jumpman logo again. The third shirt was part of Nike’s throwback third jerseys for the 19/20 season which featured the old Nike logo. The third kit was white with singular blue and red stripes on the left side of the jersey. Mbappé's 4th kit for 2019/20 was the same design as the home but in a black colourway with a red, white and blue Hechter stripe and also featured the Jumpman logo. 

PSG 2020/21 - Nike 

Mbappé wore the PSG 2020/21 jerseys for the season in France. The home shirt was blue with a thick red Hechter stripe with red and white sleeve cuffs. The away jersey was a similar design in a white colourway and featured a button-up collar. The third jersey was a dark maroon colour with predominantly white sleeves and gold touches with sponsoring. The fourth kit featured a wild pink and purple pattern, a nod to the famous elephant print created for the Air Jordan III. Both the 3rd and 4th kits featured Jordan logos instead of a Nike swoosh. 

France Euro 2020 - Nike 

Euro 2020 the France home jersey that Mbappé wore was a dark blue base with light blue horizontal striped and one thick red stripe which ran across the chest of the jersey. The away jersey was all white with red and blue trimming running down the sides of the jersey. The tournament ended in disappointment for Mbappé, missing a crucial penalty as France were knocked out in the round of 16. 

PSG 2021/22 - Nike 

For the 2021/22 season, Mbappé remained at PSG and wore the home shirt which featured the Jordan Jumpman logo for the first time. The Home shirt also ditched the red and white hecthter stipe, however you can see the stripe if you look closely, with it being in a slightly different shade of blue. The away jersey uses the hechter stripe more obviously, in pink and black on a white jersey. The third kit for PSG flipped the hechter stripe horizontally, similar to the 99/00 away shirt and came in a black and grey colourway.

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