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How to Clean Football Boots

How to Clean Football Boots

Article by: Mickey

Tue, Mar 23.21

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  • How to Clean Football Boots

    After a long muddy game, the last thing we want to do is spend time cleaning our football boots. That being said, caring for your football boots will not only prolong their life but also ensure they are in perfect condition for your next training session or game day. If like us you have dropped some serious cash on the latest and greatest boots, then you want to make sure they are ready for you to dominate the pitch with. Learn how to quickly and easily clean your football and soccer boots with Ultra Football now.

    Preparing Your Football Boots for Cleaning

    Before we get into cleaning your favourite football boots, there are a few steps to take to get them ready. Regardless of the material your cleats are made from, you should always follow these steps first:

    1. When taking your boots off after a long game, loosen the laces to let your foot easily slide out. Don’t just try and pull your feet out by barely undoing the shoe and kicking them off by your heel—this will damage the heel over time.
    2. While outside, grab your boots by their uppers and knock them together firmly a few times. This should get rid of any loose dirt or grass on the outside of the shoe.
    3. If your football boot has laces, pull them off the shoe. You can either hand wash these with a gentle laundry detergent or put them into the washing machine. However, you can leave the laces on if you are in a rush, it just might making cleaning the tongue of the boot harder later on. 

    How To Clean Your Football Boots

    How to Clean Leather Football Boots?

    Whether you’re rocking adidas Copa or Nike Tiempo, all leather football boots need to be cared for in the same way. Follow these instructions to make sure your leather football boots stand the test of time: 

    1. With the dirt banged off and laces removed, grab a fairly stiff bristle brush and a small tub of water. 
    2. Dipping your brush into the water, gently scrub the leather upper of the boot to remove any dirt or grass stains. Don’t scrub the boot too hard as it might scratch the leather. Be sure to brush all the nooks on the upper, in particular where any stitches or seams are.

    When selecting a brush, we like to use a dishwashing brush or an old toothbrush. Both have firm enough bristles to dislodge any dirt. On the other hand, avoid wire or metal brushes as they will certainly damage the leather.

    1. Now that the dirt is removed, use a towel to remove any excess water on the leather. If you find your boots are still dirty, repeat the previous step until clean.
    2. To help prolong the life of your leather boots, you can also use a leather conditioner.

    BOOT LAB 101 Boot Brush

    At Ultra Football - we always look to stock the best products to ensure you have exactly what you need. To make life even simpler when it comes to cleaning your football boots, we have brought in the 
    BOOT LAB 101 Boot Brush, designed by former A-League player, Billy Celeski.

    The BOOT LAB 101 device is deliberately quick, convenient and easy to use with only 300ml of water required to fill it. The brush is lightweight and comfortable to use in either hand, meaning it's something all players should have in their boot bag to ensure their boots are looking fresh and clean every time you use them. You can pick one up in store at Ultra HQ now. 

    It's so important to look after you boots to ensure you get the best out of them. We hope this article has helped you learn all you need to know.

    Get your BOOT LAB 101 Boot Brush online or instore at Ultra HQ now.

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