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Countdown of the Best adidas Paul Pogba Collections

Countdown of the Best adidas Paul Pogba Collections

Article by: Mickey

Tue, Apr 16.19

Countdown of the Best adidas Paul Pogba Collections

There aren't many players in world football who have the swag and confidence Paul Pogba has both on and off the pitch. When he's at his best he's unstoppable. When he's off the pitch his class and cool shines through like no one else.

Pogba signing for adidas took the brand to creative new heights when the relationship kicked off back in 2016. Pogba was handed a ten year deal, which highlighted the trust adidas had in the man who was destined to leave a lasting impression on the game.

A World Cup winner with a massive following, adidas have a star on their books and have had to hit the mark with each of their signature Pogba collections to live up to the hype. We'll take you through all of them, including the latest release - Pogba Season 7.

Season 1

We start all the way back in January 2017 - and what a start. With Pogba on fire on the pitch and unquestionably cool off it, it was only a matter of time before adidas kicked off their signature treatment for the man playing at the top of his game. With a world record transfer fee and massive social media following from around the globe, all the attention was on Pogba and fans were eager to get their hands on this debut release.

Season 1 featured the adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol "Paul Pogba" in his signature black and gold colourway. The highlights came from the marble upper with gold plating – just wow. “Pogboom” was etched on the heel of the boots with his PP logo visible on the tongue.

The off-pitch collection used inspiration from high-end fashion and hip-hop, two things close to Pogba’s heart, and the result was a range of football and lifestyle products that looked just as good as the ACE 17+ boots.

Black and gold featured heavily on the apparel which included a long length tee, performance tee, hoody, bomber jacket, pants, cap and bag – adidas really pulled out all the stops to kick things off.

This first release set the tone for the adidas x Pogba relationship that was bound to have many more highlights ahead.

Season 2

Now to October 2017 when adidas dropped Pogba Season 2. With Season 1 off to an amazing start, adidas chose to do some story telling this time around and focus on Pogba’s African roots, with both his parents and two older brothers both being born in Guinea. With that inspiration in mind the design team chose to use earthy tones and desert camo to talk to his roots. 

For Season 2 there was one notable absentee – there was no FG football boot edition. The reason for this was adidas wanted to clearly focus on the street and decided to drop two epic versions of the ACE 17+ TR, featuring the stunning earthy colourway and featuring UltraBOOST technology which was all the rage at the time and still has a massive following in present day.

Once again it wasn’t just footwear dished up for one of the coolest men in football – the collection featured another amazing bomber jacket, Paris jersey, tees, pants, cap and even a signature ball. All of these products looked super strong and adding any of them to your off-pitch look would have taken your street game to new heights. 

If you thought things couldn’t have been cooler for Season 2, you’d be wrong. Check out the adidas x Pogba film which was used to launch the new collection, giving the world a peak into Pogba’s cool world of music, art and creativity.

Season 3

Pogba Season 3 dropped in April 2018 just as the World Cup hype was starting to build, a World Cup that would be massive for the French star as he would go on to win the trophy. Season 3 will always be special to Ultra Football given it was the first collection we had in store and online since we opened the business.

adidas Pogba Season 3

Predator returned and for this season Pogba received the PP Predator 18+ featured a metallic grey upper and deep burgundy PURECUT Sock System which meant there was no laces this time around. The PP logo was featured on the heel and tip of the collar to make the make the boots unmistakably Pogba.

The off-pitch collection was co-designed by Pogba which meant he could stamp his own personality into every single product. The burgundy colourway was used in stunning fashion with the apparel (the reversible velvet bomber jacket was something else!), while the PP Predator 18+ UltraBOOST in iron metallic kept things clean and tailor made for the streets.

Want another dose of coolness? Pogba launched the iconic off-pitch collection under the Eiffel Tower. Talk about signature style!

Season 4

Pogba Season 4 dropped in October 2018, kicking off the new season in style and keeping Pogba at the forefront after his success with France at the World Cup in Russia.

adidas Pogba Season 4

The inspiration for Season 4 was to reflect Pogba’s personality and creativity, and the black and olive colourway was a bold choice from adidas and Pogba who worked together on the collection once again. The Predator 18+ had a gold soleplate and strong gold and red adidas Three Stripes on show, which we think you'll agree may just be the best Three Stripe lateral side logo execution out of all off the Season's. The two toned colour is just epic!

The signature PP branding featured on the tip of the PURECUT Sock System and Pogba’s name was etched into the collar. Matching up the Predators with the pink 18/19 Manchester United away jersey looked stunning and it’s personally one of our favourite collections so far.

Season 5

Pogba Season 5 was released in April 2019 and showcased Pogba’s love for basketball – a real treat and a surprise for fans of basketball and football. The Predator 19+ boots had a red, white and black classic colourway combination of colours which tied back to many Predator boots of the past. This resonated as a fan favourite at the time given how clean the use of an original Predator colourway looked.

adidas Pogba Season 5

The basketball vibes were clear with this season, highlighted by the Predator 19+ TR which was constructed with some of the same basketball technology was used on the Harden Vol2 basketball shoe. The full collection included reversible basketball inspired shorts, tee, hoody, pants, jacket and a basketball jersey so cool even non-basketball fans would have appreciated it.

We applauded adidas at the time for doing something very different for Season 5 and in retrospect we still think this collection stands out so well. We'll never go after a brand for getting creative and shaking things up like this did.

Season 6

Pogba Season 6 dropped in December 2019 and was one of our favourites because of the colourway but, more importantly, it was one of your favourites as well. When we put the question to our fans on Instagram 83% of voters believed the FG model was the best Predator from any Season so far.

The dark colourway with touches of shock pink and shock purple throughout the upper and soleplate tied together a boot almost as classy at Pogba’s overall game. The reasoning for the colours chosen for Season 6 were inspired by all of the lights which are so ever present and stand out in Pogba’s world.

From music, manga, the indoor pitch in his house or in the music videos from his favourite artist Travis Scott, all of these have a common theme of dark tones mixed with bright neon elements.

If you are a fan of darker toned boots, chances are Season 6 is one of your favourites. See what FC Ultra's Tom had to say on these back when the released below.

Season 7

Finally, we have Pogba Season 7 which only just released and for this one, adidas went back to the high-end fashion theme. You only need to look at that gold all-over PP logo on the upper of the FG boot to get some serious Louis Vuitton vibes from the design, a brand that was a key inspiration for the design team.

adidas Pogba Season 7

adidas have chosen dark tones for the Predator 20+ with the black base there to give the newest PP logo pattern the attention it deserves. Gold and black is always a popular combination and has ties back to Season 1 which is a nice touch.The way the PP logo sits amongst the unmistakable Mutator spikes on the forefoot really is classy, with the white Three Stripes on the lateral side adding more pop to the design.

The UltraBOOST trainer saw a flipped design compared to the boot with a predominantly white upper met with gold on the heel and bold black Three Stipes on the lateral side of the shoes. The new PP logo is more subtle here than on the boots, this time seen on the thick boost sole.

The newest apparel collection is predominantly black with gold details for the logos and Three Stripes. Both the Pogba TEC tee and hoody are stand outs compared to previous versions given the strong colourway on show.

There certainly has been some epic releases so far since Season 1. Knowing that there was a 10 year deal with adidas we can expect some more fire soon with Season 8 sure to dish up more premium Pogba classics. 

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