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Top 5: Black Out Boots

Top 5: Black Out Boots

Article by: Adamo De Nigris

Tue, Feb 19.19

Top 5: Black Out Boots

  A complete blackout version of any boot by any any brand at any time of the year does not upset anyone. They are beautiful, they are mean, and they are stealthy. They provide immediate class to any player on the pitch. Black-Out injections occur around every six or so month for brands and are a sure seller at any time of the season. We are counting down the best of the best when it comes to all black boots. 

5. adidas COPA 19+ 'Archetic Pack'

The COPA 19+ is joined by the Predator, X and Nemeziz as adidas drop just their second full collection that is absent of a single lace. Slip on style all round. The Three Stripes will however drop a full run of laced editions on the 18.1 Nemeziz & X, and 19.1 Predator & Copa. As for the COPA 19+ it's all about that super-soft blackout leather upper that brings the series closer to the original Copa Mundial origins. 

4. The Nike Premier

Black on black on black, no nonsense. Boots that would have Pirlo salivating, Nike have launched another piece of football boot royalty: a "Triple Black" Tiempo Premier. Back in late 2016, Nike delivered these beauties to the world and set standards for triple black class ever since.


3. adidas X18+ 'Archetic Pack'

Seductively black, adidas include a metallic-blue heel cup, with other blue accents featuring throughout the boot, most notably in the skeletal weave upper. The word "sleek" has been used to describe the X before, but never has it felt more apt than here; it looks like it’s been dipped in premium grade oil to just add to the lightweight speed that it's already renowned for.


2. Nike Mercurial Superfly and Vapor 'Limited Black Pack'

The Swoosh suited the Mercurial series is a sleek, timeless tuxedo. On the contrary to what Nike have delivered recently, with the Always Forward pack seeing vibrant volts and bold blues. The triple black pack is a statement for all players in its own way.

1. Mizuno 'Made in Japan' Blackout Collection

Both boots have been given the full blackout treatment as well as the elite level "Made in Japan" touch, meaning that both options have been made with the most elite leather in the game – 'Scotchguard K-Leather' – the highest grade leather afforded to football boots, and it' treated with a liquid silicone to make it waterproof, stain resistant and durable.


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Best Black-Out Boot?
Copa 19+ 'Archetic Pack'
The Nike Premier
X18+ 'Archetic Pack'
Mercurial Superfly/Vapor 'Limited Black Pack'
Mizuno Made in Japan 'Blackout Collection'

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