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13 Year Old Australian Beckham Baker Signs for Villarreal CF

13 Year Old Australian Beckham Baker Signs for Villarreal CF

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Mon, Jan 10.22

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  • 13 Year Old Australian Beckham Baker Signs for Villarreal CF

    13 year-old Aussie wonder-kid Beckham Baker has made the move to Spain after impressing at the Melbourne City academy and Villarreal Melbourne C.F to join the Villarreal CF Academy. 

    Villarreal CF have always punched above their weight, coming from the city of Villarreal in the Castellon province in the east of Spain. The city has a population of just 50,000 which is tiny compared to the millions of Madrid and Barcelona, yet still manage to always compete around the top 6 in the league and have recently achieved European glory. 

    Graduates of the famous Villarreal academy include; Gerard Moreno, Pau Torres, Samuel Chukwueze, Alex Baena, Fer Niño and Yeremy Pino, Cazorla, Rodri and Pablo Fornals.



    We sat down with the Aussie kid who will be looking to replicate some of those famous names; 

    Can you tell us about what clubs you’ve played at and what has led up to you joining Villarreal? 

    I played at Salt Soccer Club from 4-6 years, West Point under 8s, I started Futsal at 8 years old and joined Melbourne City under 13s. 

    I also travelled to England to train when i was 8 years old where I trained and played with the Manchester United U10’s, Manchester City U10’s and Chelsea U10’s.

    I travelled to Spain for Top 12 Experience (Futsal) when I was 10 y/o, played against teams from other countries like Brazil, United States, England. I won the player of Tournament.

    I was awarded a free trip to travel to Villarreal for 2 x weeks after attending their soccer clinic in Melbourne in 2019, I travelled Villarreal Spain a few months later in October 2019 and experienced the culture and methodology of Villarreal and fell in love with the club right away, everyone at the club were welcoming and the training was amazing.

    My Dad contacted the club again in early 2021 about me coming back for a couple of months for some further experience and high level training because we were in and out of lockdowns and we’re not playing much football. The club allowed me to travel back in August 2021 and after 2 x months training with the Villarreal under 14 A team the club offered me a scholarship to stay in Spain till the end of this season with the possibility of continuing for another year next season.



    What's the Villarreal Melbourne set-up like? Is training much different to what you’ve done previously? 

    The Villarreal Melbourne training was very good with a mixture of local and Villarreal coaches. The drills are not too different to other clubs I have been at, the coaches are very energetic, informative and approachable.

    They genuinely want you to learn and improve also to believe in the Villarreal methodology. They also conduct high intensity seasons, which I love. 



    What kind of player are you? Is there any professional players you think you have similarities too? 

    I see myself as a skilful player, I have no fear using any of my skills in a game and I like to take players on. I play as a winger (left/right), midfielder or striker. I admire Arnaut Danjuma and Riyad Mahrez and the Great CR7 because I play similar to their style. 



    Is it going to be hard making the move to Spain? What kind of support do you have from your family & friends? Is anyone going over with you? 

    I will be travelling over with my mum for 3 months and then my grandparents swap out with my mum for 3 months before my mum returns again due to visa requirements.

    The hardest thing is learning a whole new language. The coach's only speak Spanish on the pitch. I will be going to school full time so, hopefully my Spanish will only get better.

    I will miss my old teammates and school friends but I will miss my dad and sisters the most as my dad has to work to make this dream possible and my sister has year 11 to complete.

    It will be difficult at times but I love football and i understand that this journey will not be easy. I also believe in myself so I am taking this is an amazing opportunity and giving it everything. 



    Have you had any messages of support from current players / people in the football community? 

    I do have so much support from the football community. I consider myself so lucky to have superstars like Tim Cahill, Alanna Kennedy, Jamie Maclaren always checking and sending positive messages. Daniel Cappellaro, Rico Z, Delantero09, so many more former players, team mates and Instagram friends.

    I do get hate messages, but I always turn it around and use it as motivation to succeed.



    Could you go a bit in depth about the role models, personalities and family you had around you growing up and what impact they’ve had?

    My mum and dad were my biggest role models since I could kick a ball, they would both always find time to train and teach me the basics of football like passing, kicking, importance of being able to use both feet and to always believe in myself.

    My parents have always taught me to level headed, respectful and always be humble. I remind myself to always surround myself around positive people. Jamie Maclaren, Tim Cahill, Kain Shepard

    Matilda Alana Kennedy and former Melbourne City women’s star Samantha Johnson have all been very supportive in my football journey.



    Anything else you want to add? 

    I also owe a special thank you to some personal family friends who have assisted with sponsorship to also make this all possible such as Chris Martin, John Okeefe and Peter Nedeloski. 

    My number one dream is to make my debut for the Socceroos and score the winning goal.



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