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Franz Anton Beckenbauer is forever known as one of the best players in the world of football. Beckenbauer personified what the attacking sweeper position is today, and was the first to do so.

At the ripe age of 20 he dominated the 1966 World Cup for Germany scoring 4 goals. Nicknamed "Der Kaiser", The Emperor adue to his elegant playing style, dominance on the attack as well as his leadership presence on the pitch.

Beckenbauer is an icon of adidas football.



Toni Kroos, a player loved by all fans of football. A football perfectionist with flawless technique developed over many years of football. Class from his feet is present in every minute, coming from his trusty Adipure football boots.

Kroos is an outlier when it comes to the boots of choice. While many athletes update to the latest technology, Kroos has continued to display his class in the Adipure 11Pro from 2014. A world cup winner, countless acts of class and last minute spot kick goals, Kroos is the stereotype of modern day class.



The football genius and golden child of Argentina “La Joya” or better known as “The Jewel” has paved his way from his small family village to the world stage in Turin. The exciting part? His chapter has only just begun.

At every point, Dybala is a continual reminder of pure class. From the X PURESPEED, to the gamechanging GLITCH, Dybala now becomes the icon of COPA19.


1954 — Argentina

The Adidas Argentina was produced on the eve of the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. The Argentina was a revolution for the football world. Ahead of its time, Argentina completely evolved the standard of football boots. A specific design for foot protection and added levels of grip for various conditions.

Fritz Walter

Worn by Germany’s Fritz Walter during the 1954 World Cup, this icon was a gamechanger to taking his team all the way to be Champions.


1965 – Achilles

Upon German Forward Uwe Seeler tearing his achilles in 1965, adidas looked to change the boundaries of football techology. A specific design for Uwe providinga cushioned later at the heel which, removing pressure from his achilles. a boot which proved to be a game changer, laced up in the Achilles, Uwe continued his class all the way to 1972. An iconic boot which proved injury is no boundary.

Uwe Seeler — Germany


1966 – Diamant

The Diamant, born in 1966, was the evolution introducing a low cut football boot. a style which has continued for over 50 years.

Bobby Moore — England

Designed with the insights of legend Bobby Moore, a world cup legend. With the help of teammate Geoff Hurst who scored a hat-trick to win 4:3 over Germany in the 1966. Both wearing the Adidas Diamant while lifting the World Cup in victory.


1970 – Cosmos

1970, an iconic boot for an iconic legend, Franz Beckenbauer. Made through high pressure technology, a focus on speed and agility.

Franz Beckenbauer — Germany

A favourite from Beckenbauer, adidas created a custom last to Franz's foot shape for a pure 1 to 1 fit. football development, ahead of its time.


1982 – Copa Mundial

The iconic. Copa Mundial. The most successful football boot in history. Introduced for the 1982 world cup in Spain, the Copa Mundial simply translates to “World Cup” in Spanish. Copa, known by many, is the only lasting boot which is still on feet today.

World Cup — 1982

The icon of football boots. Say no more.


2007 – AdiPURE

ADIPURE, introduced in 2007, was the evolution of classic football boots. Specific purpose of comfort and fit, all designed to provide pure class for the athlete.

Xabi Alonso — Liverpool

Labelled as the “re-imagined Copa”, Icons such as, Kaka, Frank Lampard and Xabi Alonso created memorable moments which live on today in the footballers heart



2010 WC — AdiPURE IV

Updated from the original, the ADIPURE IV contained updates only for class. aesthetic changes, centred lacing and the addition of the neoprene lining for extra comfort. An old school heritage feel with a touch of modern design.


25th Anniversary Pack

2007 – Copa Mundial 25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 iconic years of copa, Adidas released a commemorative Copa Mundial in 2007. Launched as a kit, this included the Copa Mundial boot with the original blue logo on the tongue, shoe conditioner, towel, keychain and more. The 25th anniversary edition of the Adidas Copa Mundial was made in Germany, just like the original.


2012 — 11Pro

Introducing 11PRO. the evolution to ADIPURE. Modern style, light weight sole plate and premium K-leathert. A game changing 360 degree support saddle was implemented providing a boot of pure class and tomorrows technology.

Through icons such as Bastian Schweinsteiger finally this was the first chance for Adidas to integrate their MiCoach system to football boots.


2013 – Copa Mundial White Edition

In 2013, Adidas released a non-black Copa Mundial for the first time in history. A desperate plee from footballers around the world, a limited edition white COPA is an icon that all footballers dream of.


2014 – AdiPURE 11pro

Updated from the first 11pro, in 2014 adidas provided a redesign featuring a cross stich toe box, lower cut heel, as well as a dramatically changed sole plate providing optimal foot cushioning.

Toni Kroos — Real Madrid

Was it a winner? A boot which become an Icon by Toni Kroos, still worn on foot today. Kroos reportedly loved these so much, he demanded adidas continue to custom make these all the way to 2018.


11pro Carnaval

2014 – adiPURE 11Pro Carnaval

In Celebration of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a carnival pack containing Predator LZ, F50, 11Pro and Nitrocharge. The highlight of the pack was the adiPure 11pro. Each boot in the range features a very distinctive reflective treatment. Extremely limited but extremely hyped.


2014 – Samba

To commemorate the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil, Adidas delivered vibrant designs to their classic footwear icon. The Copa Mundial Samba pack saw five Copa’s dressed in Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Red each with contrast lacing, relating to their key football pack for the 2014 season. A pack still talked about today.


2016 – Copa SL

A completely reimagined and redesigned Copa for the twenty first century. The SL featured the traditional elements of the fan favorite 11Pro, with the three white stripes, foldable tongue and the all black upper. However instead of plush Kangaroo leather, it was replaced by a synthetic leather and the new sprint frame outsole.Speed and class combined.


2016 – Copa 17.1 Red Limit

Copa is back! Revamped from the the original black and white Mundial colour way, with an all new red upper and white accents on the modernized Copa 17.1

Copa 17.1 — Red Limit

The Copa 17.1 features premium Kangaroo leather, a compression tongue and a lightweight SprintFrame outsole. Again Adidas had labelled this the “re-imagined Copa” like the adiPURE of 2007. Both Copa Mundial and Copa 17 share very similar characteristics, like the upper design, kangaroo leather, extended tongue with the option to fold over and also the sow cut, low profile silhouette.


Copa Gloro 17.2

Copa Gloro 17.2

Elements from the traditional Adidas Copa, Gloro has become a mid price icon. Back by demand, the Gloro provided the much love fold over tongue, an icon many grew up using.


2018 – Copa 18.1 Skystalker

Authenticity influenced by progression. Classic leather combines with primeknit technology for ultimate class. Introduced in December 2017, Copa 18 was an instant hit allowing the footballer to continue its class on the pitch.


Spectral Mode

2018 – Copa 18 Spectral

Again when people think Copa, majority’s think Copa Mundial. Copa 18 “Spectral Mode” is the boldest design so far. Sporting a Clear mint and metallic gold combination brings together a soft autumnal tone. The final chapter of Copa 18. 19 awaits....


2019 – COPA 19

Classic becomes class.

COPA 19, a boot that simply outclasses the opposition.

The new Fusion Skin is a laceless upper combined with leather forged into primeknit, this is the ultimate feel. COPA 19 is an evolution no player has experienced. The most iconic football boot of all time is re-born. COPA 19 will outclass all that dares to challenge.

An icon has evolved.


Socceroos — Fifa World Cup 1969

Ray Baartz — Socceroos 1974

West Germany — World Cup 1990

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