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ULTRA MAG | Issue 8 - Kyra Cooney-Cross

ULTRA MAG | Issue 8 - Kyra Cooney-Cross

Article by: Mickey

Thu, Mar 17.22

ULTRA MAG | Issue 8 - Kyra Cooney-Cross
Our Ultra Mag 1 on 1 catch ups are back for 2022 and we were stoked to catch up with one of Australia's best young talents to kick things off - Kyra Cooney-Cross.
After missing the elimination final against Adelaide United we know Kyra is going to light things up in the Preliminary Final against rivals Melbourne City this Sunday.
With a move to Sweden on the horizon, we caught up with Kyra to chat the Asian Cup, the World Cup on Australian soil next year and what she gets up to off the pitch.

The Asian Cup had a disappointing end but how did you find the experience playing in another big tournament for the national team?

Getting out of the asian cup in the quarter final was a surprise to all of us, our aim was to win the tournament and we were confident it was possible but unfortunately we came out early. It was good to experience another big tournament and to also get some more minutes so hopefully it helps me moving forward with the World Cup just around the corner.

You got some good minutes at the tournament. How important was that for you 
personally in terms of your development?

It’s always good to get some minutes whether it’s in a tournament or in friendly matches to get more experience, become more comfortable playing with the team and to help build your confidence on the pitch.

Ultra Mag Krya Cooney-Cross

It was great to chat all things adidas football with you when we did this shoot. How are you finding the latest adidas X Speedflow boots? 

I love the new Adidas X Speedflow boots, they’re comfy and light to play in. They would have to be my favourite so far. 

What are some things you like to do away from football? Did you always dream of becoming a footballer? Or did you have other interests as a youngster?

On my days off I enjoy going to the beach, catching up with my friends and family or watching movies. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 years old. I also used to play tennis when I was younger up until high school and then I had to decide between the two of them. 

Ultra Mag Krya Cooney-Cross

A lot of the athletes we've spoken to say music plays a big part to their pre-game and getting them in the zone. Is this the same with you?

I definitely agree, music helps me get pumped up for the game and helps me concentrate by blocking out distracting noise. 

Can you please give us some insights into how important this World Cup is to you?

It’s a great opportunity for so many players to experience the World Cup on home soil, in front of family and friends and having a home based crowd.

The end to the 20/21 Grand Final was absolutely thrilling. Was that the best moment of your career so far?

Winning the 2021 Grand Final is definitely something I will never forget, it’s up there with making my Matildas debut.

Photography by Aleksandar Jason.

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