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ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Dec 15.21

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
Alessandro Diamanti is a breath of fresh air. He's one of the most entertaining and interesting characters we've ever seen play in Australia. The type of person we desperately need in our league and the type of player we hope to produce more of.
When we started doing this series we thought Alino was going to be one of our favourite people to catch up with. We weren't wrong. This shoot was a lot of fun as we're sure you can tell from the content.

The man
just oozes infectious positivity. From playing at the highest level, covering himself in stunning artwork and starting his own brand - you can't not be a fan. At 38 he continues to strive for improvement both as a player and person. We hope he can go on for many years to come.
Alino thank you so much for catching up with us for this shoot. You're still one of the best players in Australia - what do you put your longevity down to? Is it pure passion that keeps you going?
Passion and my mindset to always make a difference. I try to challenge myself every day. When we win or whenever I have a top performance, I am still never satisfied after the game because this is for me is the way to always improve. To be always switched on and be ready for the next game and the day after is key.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
You always look super fit. Are there any extra things you do off the pitch to ensure you stay fit and healthy like yoga or pilates?
Absolutely, 100%. When I finish training at the club I do more. At my age you realise you have to work a lot more. To be fit and always feeling good, you have to work like I work. I do a lot of pilates and a lot of stretching. I have some specialists that sometimes help me. Even when I feel good I want to work hard to feel even better. The secret is when you feel good you can still feel better. This is my mindset – be in the best shape I can for training and the days after.
I’m in the generation that still thinks that training is the basis of the sport. If you are training well, if you are focussed, if you have good vibes as a group you will succeed. The type of vibes you bring personally is very important.
What advice do you have for young players in Australia who want to make it to the top of the game like you did?
It is hard to say but what I say to my teammates is work hard because talent alone is not enough without daily work. Dream because this sport is made from dreaming, desire and fire within.
We are very fortunate because we have the best job in the world. We have to enjoy playing football, but that also means we have to work hard because we are very lucky to do what we do every day.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
Which fashion brands inspire your POi BO collection?
The main theme for Poi Bo is sunglasses. My wife Silvia and I are collectors. I don’t want to say a number because it is very high but we have a lot of limited-edition sunglasses. We love it. We have a sickness for sunglasses. For this reason the main product had to be sunglasses and they have to be top quality. We make sure of that.
For us POi BO is more than a brand. It’s a philosophy; live in the moment and enjoy your life. Spread smiles and positive vibes always because life is beautiful.
You love to paint - has this always been the case or is it a recent thing?
When I was a teenager I used to paint murals. It was a passion of mine at the time. When I have time and inspiration I love to colour my t-shirts and hoodies just for fun. Life is beautiful with lots of colour.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
Which of your past teammates had the best style, apart from yourself!
Pirlo is very classy. Style is your own thing. Maybe I can like something that only some people will like, but that doesn’t suit other people. Everyone has their own style.
A lot of players in Italy have great style. Pirlo, Marchisio & many more. In Italy fashion is very important because if you play in Serie A with bad dress sense, you’re going to have a hard day.
There was a lot of competition in the change room back in Italy. People want to show off so it was fun to joke around and start competitions on how we dress every day.
We know you love your music and we love your playlists. Where in Italy is the best place to enjoy music on a night out?
Milan is the best.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
You've played in Serie A for so many years, which Ultras were the most passionate and best to play in front of?
In Italy it depends on moments. For instance if the team doesn’t go too well it can be either quiet or like hell sometimes. The noise is unbelievable.
I think the national team was my best experience. The fans were always there on our side whether we won or we lost. They have an incredible mentality.
Have you got any personal goals this season?
Sometimes in football you are judged if you score a lot of goals or get assists. I am very focussed on my performance. I want to help my team. That is all that is important for me. I’m not focussed solely on how many goals or assists I end up with. Of course I’d like to get them, but I am very happy when the team wins and I can help the team with the whole performance.
I am 38 years old but I don’t want to stop improving and learning. I still want to become a better player and person.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti
We know you're a man of the world and love to travel with your family. Where are you looking forward to travelling next?
When I finish this season, after three years of not going, 100% I want to go to Italy. I haven’t seen my mum, sister, family and friends for about three years now. It’s too long but it’s no one’s fault with the pandemic situation. In a way we are lucky if all we have to worry about is travel. Many people had it worse and were more unlucky than us.
For sure I will go back to Italy and leave my kids with my parents for a bit and me and my wife will go somewhere close by in Europe to catch up with friends. Ibiza, Mykonos or Sardinia.
Have you got an Australian tattoo yet?
At the moment, no. Not yet. I have a problem... I have to find the right space! I am full so finding space on my body is hard. For sure I will get one though. 100%. I will do it with my tattoo artist back in Italy. I have a beautiful idea but I want to do it with my tattooist back in Italy to make sure it’s perfect.
Have you found the best Italian restaurant in Melbourne yet?
So many restaurants are good in Melbourne. It depends. If you want to eat pasta, maybe one restaurant is better than the other. Also, I don’t want to tell you one restaurant or another. I have many friends who own restaurants in Melbourne! There are 5 or more very, very good ones that I often visit.

Photography by Aleksandar Jason.

ULTRA MAG | Issue 6 - Alessandro Diamanti

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