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Top 10 Worst Jersey Sponsors

Top 10 Worst Jersey Sponsors

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Tue, Jul 27.21

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  • Top 10 Worst Jersey Sponsors

    10. Marseille - Uber Eats

    Olympic Marseille Football Jerseys

    Starting off in Ligue 1, is the recent Uber Eats sponsorship of Marseille. We all love Uber Eats but there is a time and a place and that place is not on the front of a football jersey. The fans initially went nuts over the original design which kept their original branding with the green logo forcing the company to change to an all black design. 

    9. Lyon - Everest Poker

    Olympique Lyon Football Jerseys

    Staying in France, we moved to Lyon, a club known for its class, and nothing screams class like online poker. Half of professional clubs these days are sponsored by gambling companies but the massive gold ‘Everest Poker’ logo is also visually off putting as much as morally. 

    8. Newcastle - Wonga

    Newcastle United Football Jerseys

    In the 13/14 season, Newcastle had a new shirt sponsor by the name of Wonga. It wasn’t just the ridiculous name that fans had a problem with, Wonga were accused of targeting poor football fans with short term, high interest loans. The sponsor caused a massive rift with Papiss Cisse and the club who pulled out of a pre-season tournament because he didn’t want to wear the shirt. 

    7. Bayer Leverkusen - RWE

    Bayer Leverkusen Football Jerseys

    Bayern Leverkusen’s shirt sponsor of the early 2000s was RWE, a German energy provider. The actual logo is the problem here, it had a weird, horror movie like baby handprint right on the front of the jersey. No thanks. 

    6. Atletico Madrid - Spiderman

    Atletico Madrid Football Jerseys

    One of the stranger kit sponsor deals of recent times would be Atletico Madrid signing with Hollywood movie company Columbia pictures which meant they had a new jersey sponsor every time a movie released. That season Fernando Torres & co were sponsored by Spiderman, Hell Boy, Peter Pan, The Terminator and of course Spanglish. 

    5. Manchester United - Chevrolet 

    Manchester United Football Jerseys

    Chevrolet had it tough with Manchester United having some of the cleanest sponsors of all time with Sharp, Vodafone, AON all being very inoffensive sponsors. The big gold cross on the classic red united jersey was just a big no from us and we’re glad to see the back of it. 

    4. St Johnstone - Bonar

    St. Johnstone Football Jerseys

    In the 80s St Johnstone had the infamous Bonar sponsorship. Bonar was an innocent UK based textiles company with an unfortunate name which couldn't be worse placed than smack bang in the middle of a football shirt. St Johnstone did go on to win the Scottish second tier in these shirts, so maybe it was a worth sacrifice. 

    3. Lyon - Le69

    Olympique Lyon Football Jerseys

    Lyon absolutely love a horrific sponsor, getting Le69 on board for the 89/90 season. Le69 was a classified ads section in one of the papers with 69 being the region number for Lyon, which was unfortunate to say the least. 

    2. LA Galaxy - Herbalife

    LA Galaxy Football Jerseys

    Herbalife has been with LA Galaxy since the early 2000s. Herbalife has faced criticism since its inception for being a pyramid scheme and having to pay a $200 million dollar fine in 2016 to the Federal trade commission for its multi level marketing practices. You'll still find them on a the front of a Galaxy shirt though 

    1. Voukefala - Soula

    In 2012 Greek side Voukefala went with a rather unconventional sponsor, teaming up with the local brothel. With the Greek economic crisis in full swing Voukefala had to get creative after not having a sponsor for 3 season, "When we announced to the players that our sponsor would be a brothel, they wanted to know about bonuses," said the club's president. Nice one. 

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