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Nike release the Neighbourhood Pack with an all new swoosh design

Nike release the Neighbourhood Pack with an all new swoosh design

Article by: Mickey

Tue, Jun 02.20

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  • Nike release the Neighbourhood Pack with an all new swoosh design

    It feels like a while since we’ve had a proper, full silo, Nike pack offering. Fans will be pumped to see a full pack again featuring a striking colourway with some cool elements ready to go for when most leagues around the country kick off later this month.

    The Neighbourhood Pack celebrates the places that football is born from. Think the gritty neighbourhoods where football is everything. It’s your way out to a better lifestyle. You play with creative freedom and learn your skills on the streets with like-minded youngsters. There is nothing else, football is everything.

    Across all designs zip codes have been added to the design which highlight these key neighbourhood football heartlands in Europe and South America. There are 11 in total and you can check out the full list below.

    One thing you'll notice right away when you see these is the new lightning bolt swoosh. The reason Nike have debuted this is to take the iconic logo to a modernised level, with the aggressive look also working perfectly with the colour combination.

    The predominately silver upper is a nod to trophies all players are striving to win, and I think you’ll all agree these boots look sensational.

    Fans of AG-PRO models are in for a treat with the Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite AG-PRO model looking like the perfect option to use on artificial grass surfaces that are becoming more and more common in Australia.

    The initial inspiration for the pack related to Euro 2020 and the Copa America which have been pushed back a year due to the current COVID crisis. 

    You can get your choice of boots from the Neighbourhood Pack in store at Ultra HQ in Sydney or online from 6PM (AEST) Monday 1/6/20.

    Don't forget our latest FC Ultra jersey banger as well!

    FC Ultra Nike Neighbourhood Pack


    Georgia, Nápoles, 03810, Mexico City
    Rue Gaston Defferre, 93140, Bondy, Paris
    Lavapiés 28012, Madrid
    Placa de Josep M. Folch i Torres, 08001, Barcelona
    Badstraße 53 13357, Berlin
    West Way Fields, White City, W12 0DF London
    Peckham, SE15, London
    Via Veglia, 20159, Milan
    Av. Cond. Elizabeth Robin, 5120, Sao Paulo
    Cerritos Park 110121, Bogota
    Barrios of La Boca C1160ABM, Buenos Aires.

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