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Nike Launch The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE

Nike Launch The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE

Article by: Mickey

Fri, Mar 18.22

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  • Nike Launch The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE
    Nike have just come through with a contender for boot of the year with the all new Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE. This drop has finally arrived two years after it was originally announced as a concept boot at Nike's innovation summit in New York. We all know a lot has changed in the world since February 2020, but one thing is for sure - Mercurial is still the boot that gets the world talking.
    Is it worth the wait? Absolutely. Is it highly limited? You bet. There's only 1000 of these pairs worldwide. Read on to find out why you should add these to your collection of hype drops.

    Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE Football Boots

    Back when this concept was revealed we were all buzzing. The thought of a Mercurial upper riding on a Zoom airbag had never been done before. Iconic tech meeting iconic boot was right up our alley. A merge of the very best of Nike innovation and, let's be honest, this is just a cool as hell execution.

    We've seen Flyknit and other game changing materials used on boots from the Swoosh. A Zoom airbag was the obvious but also challenging final frontier though of sorts. Could it be done? How could it work with a stud configuration? Would they last under scrutiny from opposition players and harsh pitches?

    Nike hasn't been sitting on this concept for two years doing nothing. As with all Nike landmark moments they've been making sure this works. World Cup's are the periods when Nike likes to flex the most as we have written about in detail before. They are synonomous with the Mercurial as well because it's always Merc which gets the major update to shine on the big stage. It started at France 98. 2002 was a massive follow up. 2006 again saw substatial changes to add heat to the Mercurial line. Notice a pattern here? 2022 is no different. The only slight difference is we'll be waiting for the tournament a little longer than usual given the fact this one is in Qatar later this year.

    Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE Football Boots
    The Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE has been designed completely around the full length Zoom strobel unit. Nike have also used feedback from athletes, like they did with Ronaldo back at France 98 and throughout the boots history, to make sure they hit the mark.
    The use of Air Zoom meant the designers leant on other sports for expertise. Basketball shoes have been using this tech for years and the football team took innovation from them to build these new boots. The 4.5mm Zoom airbag is the same as the KD 12 and takes the boots to a new level of comfort and leads to enhanced energy return. This also increases responsiveness meaning they are perfect for fast, tricky, footballers.
    From a visual point of view as well it's cool that Nike has gone for it in terms of getting the Zoom airbag on the whole sole. They could have gone with some visible on the back half like on some sneakers but they've decided to go all in. We applaud them for pulling it off. The feeling of pressing down onto the Zoom airbag is something that just feels right.

    Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE Football Boots
    If you decide to wear these on pitch you'll notice great lockdown and a secure fit through the midfoot from the use of Flywire. They are also around 40% lighter because there is no carbon on the plate. Don't stress though - they're even stronger than their predecessor.
    You might be wondering why these are dropping in March and if there's more to come. The answer is yes. The Mercurial Air Zoom Ultra SE has arrived to tease what comes next. These are incredible in their own right, but if you miss out on a pair because of the tight numbers don't panic. Nike are saving some additions for later this year.

    Keen to get a pair? Keep Monday 21/3/22 6PM (AEST) in your diary and free. These will be an online only release as numbers are tight! 

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