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Mizuno release the ‘Runbird DNA’ Pack featuring an OG classic and modern masterpiece.

Mizuno release the ‘Runbird DNA’ Pack featuring an OG classic and modern masterpiece.

Article by: Mickey

Mon, Jul 06.20

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  • Mizuno release the ‘Runbird DNA’ Pack featuring an OG classic and modern masterpiece.

    Experience the shoe that started it all and the pinnacle of Mizuno’s modern innovation.

    Back in March we released the Morelia 1985 MIJ sneaker which featured a reproduction of the original upper from the 1980’s era outsole. We loved this sneaker release, so it’s not surprising to hear that we love this boot release as well. One of the best we’ll likely see in 2020.

    The Runbird DNA pack brings the original release back onto the pitch and aims to focus on Mizuno’s brilliant past and exciting present with the new Morelia Neo III β sitting alongside the OG Morelia Zero to show off just how far the Japanese brand has come.

    The Morelia Zero is here to celebrate Mizuno’s heritage. This handmade classic colourway brings together the highest quality products and is made with all of the brands traditions and love for superior craftsmanship in mind. Why Zero? Because it harks back to the brands beginning. This is an old school style boot you know will perform well on the pitch and turn heads. If you love K-Leather boots – the Morelia Zero should be on your list of boots to try.

    Mizuno Runbird DNA Pack

    While the Morelia Zero focuses on the past, the Morelia Neo III β focuses on the present innovation and was developed with one thing in mind, speed. This Neo III β is lighter than any of its predecessors and is the follow up from the Morelia Neo II Beta models we have released in the past. Think of this as the finished, next level version.

    The colourway is strikingly clean. The white leather upper looks so soft you can almost feel in you mind just looking at them as they glean in white with accents of black and red finishing off a boot that is sure to make fans of speed and acceleration salivate.

    The Neo III β features a brand new outsole with the focus on traction and stability in all directions. When you’re a fast player you need the confidence to be able to change directions at top speed. These boots do that and are built to last. Don’t be put of by the price tag. They’re expensive because there are the finest boots in the game.

    You can get the Runbird DNA pack in store at Ultra HQ or online now here.

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