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Mizuno Launch The Blue Lagoon Morelia

Mizuno Launch The Blue Lagoon Morelia

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Aug 04.21

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  • Mizuno Launch The Blue Lagoon Morelia
    Stay chilled and refreshed with one of the best Mizuno Morelia's we've seen in a long, long time.

    The 'Scuba Blue' coloured Blue Lagoon Morelia has landed. Breathing some much needed summer vibes into a cold winter down here in Australia. These make you think of happier times playing over the warmer months. 

    The Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ (Made in Japan - by hand we might add) continues to wow us with their sense of barefoot feel mixed with lightweight and flexible materials. Materials that are also the most premium out of on any football boots on the market. Mizuno do premium like no-one else. 

    Mizuno Blue Lagoon Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ

    Originally a concept out of Korea, we are really happy these made their way down south to Australia for all our Mizuno fans, and there are many, to enjoy.

    "I hope this new product developed in Korea, could become another opportunity to introduce Mizuno's high level of technology and design." - Soon-Ho Lee, Sport Division / Marketing Team Manager of Mizuno Korea.

    Keen to add the Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta 'Blue Lagoon' MIJ to your collection of stunning Mizuno boots? Get yours online at ultrafootball.com now - a colourway like this won't last long. 

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