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Meyba Launch The Las Vegas Lights Home And Away Kits

Meyba Launch The Las Vegas Lights Home And Away Kits

Article by: Mickey

Thu, May 05.22

Meyba Launch The Las Vegas Lights Home And Away Kits
We love seeing the iconic 'Mitica' logo back in professional football. Never heard of Las Vegas Lights? You have now... and you might just become a fan soon, too. Why? Because one of the coolest brands in football, Meyba, have just dropped their stunning home and away jerseys for their debut season.
The Lights are a USL Championship side based in one of the most exciting cities in the world. It's a team who align with Meyba perfectly as they want to create a unique identity which fits their unique city. There's only one Las Vegas. For that reason they couldn't be safe with debut designs. They had to be out there and different; enter Meyba.

Meyba Las Vegas Lights
The home jersey has a black base which allows the colours to shine. Why so much colour? It's obvious, isn't it. The neon-inspired graphics sprawl out around the jersey like the Vegas skyline.
The away flips things and comes through with a white base. The wavy graphic pays homeage to Nevada's dry desert and wind induced erosion contours.

Meyba Las Vegas Lights Home And Away Jerseys
Fans of club shorts to pair with a low key tee? Want that chance to go full kit? We've got both the home and away shorts so you can really step things up.

The Lights are currently sitting 5th on the USL Championship - Western Conference table with 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses to start their debut campaign. We'll be keeping a close eye on the team this season so stay tuned for updates. 
Get the Meyba Las Vegas Lights home and away jerseys & shorts in stores or online at ultrafootball.com now.

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