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Inter Milan Jersey History & Timeline

Inter Milan Jersey History & Timeline

Article by: Mitchell Grimes

Mon, Sep 27.21

Inter Milan Jersey History & Timeline

Inter Milan are one of the most fashionable clubs in the world and have produced some of the most Iconic Serie A jerseys of all time. The club have had some classic kits with Umbro and Nike and the Pirelli jersey sponsor is one of the most famous in football history. 


In 1990/91 Inter Milan jerseys were made by German company UHL sport, who were jersey manufacturers for several European sides in the early 90s including Bologna and Bordeaux. Inter’s jersey sponsor in the early 90s was Italian Baked good brand Misura. The home jersey was a classic Inter Milan jersey, thick blue and black stripes with a smart collar. The away jersey was white with blue and black diagonal stripes across the chest, which is a design that will be used for inspiration for jerseys 30 years later. 

Inter Milan were one of the favourites for the Serie A title at the start of the season with German duo Lothar Matthäus and Jürgen Klinsmann in the squad fresh after winning the World Cup at Italia 90. The German’s scored 30 goals between them, as the side finished 3rd behind AC Milan and Sampdoria. Inter did win silverware in 1990/91 though, winning the UEFA Cup, coming back twice from early scares against Rapid Wein and Aston Villa, going on to beat Roma in the final. 

Inter Milan 1990/91 Jerseys


In 1991/92 Umbro took over as jersey manufacturer and produced an iconic set of jerseys. The Home shirt was still blue and black striped but used a lighter blue and had a smart button-up collar. The away was all white again with a blue and black diagonal pattern but had moved up to the shoulder area of the jersey. The club had a third jersey as well, a yellow jersey with a blue and black pattern that stretched out from the Umbro logo. All three jerseys featured new Fitgar sponsoring, a sports drink in the early 90s

The club lost manager Giovani Trappotoni to Juventus and suffered for it, going through two managers this season and sliding to an 8th place finish, missing out on European football for the first time since the 70s. Midfielder Stefano Desideri was also kicked out of the squad halfway through the season for mocking manager Luis Suarez during a goal celebration. The only real bright spot for Inter this season was the continued good form of Jurgen Klinsmann. 

Inter Milan 19991/91 Jerseys


The Home jersey in 1992/93 received a slight update, with the blue and black stripes being slightly thinner than last season. Apart from that, all the jerseys were the same as last year, just receiving a new sponsorship, Fiorucci, the Italian fashion label. 

After a disappointing 91/92 season, the club sold Klinsmann and Matthaus back to Germany and invested in Igor Shalimov and Rubén Sosa who were vital in Inter Milan finding their way back up around the top of the league. Inter finished 2nd, just behind rivals Milan under Osvaldo Bagnoli, with Sosa banging in 20 goals for the season.

Inter Milan Jerseys 1992/93


In 1993/94 the club used the same home and third jersey as the previous season but did make some changes to the away. The away was still white but the collar had changed from black to blue and there were two diagonal black and blue stripes used as a sash across the jersey. The Fiorucci sponsor on the away jersey had also been changed to black with gold outlining. 

Inter really fell off in the league again in 93/94, finishing 13th, their lowest league placing ever. The club signed Ajax forward Dennis Bergkamp who had been impressing in the Eredivisie. Bergkamp hit the ground running at Inter Milan, scoring 18 goals in his first season, 8 in the UEFA cup, getting Inter to the final where they beat Casino Salzburg. 



In 1994/95 the club didn’t use a third jersey and went with the same away jersey as last season. The home jersey did receive a slight update, with thicker stripes and a thicker collar. The blue used in the home was slightly darker and a more traditional Inter blue colour. 

For the 1994/95 season, Ottavio Bianchi was appointed manager and Inter shot back up to the top 6 after a disappointing 1993/94 campaign. Inter didn’t win any silverware this season but were able to stabilise, with Ruben Sosa and Dennis Bergkamp both having another solid season. The club made the quarter-finals of the Copa Italia and were knocked out in the first round of the UEFA Cup by Aston Villa. 

Inter Milan 1994/95 Jerseys


In 1995/96 one of the most iconic jersey sponsor partnerships begun, with Pirelli signing on with Inter Milan. The home jersey was almost the exact same as last season, but again a darker blue was used and the Pirelli sponsor replacing Fiorucci. The away jersey was green for the first time in the club’s history, using dark and light green contrasting stripes. The third jersey looked like a traditional Inter Milan away kit, being a white base and had blue and black detailing, it also used the club crest as a pattern throughout the jersey. 

The club sold Dennis Bergkamp to Arsenal this season but made some impressive signings themselves, with Paul Ince, Roberto Carlos and Javier Zanetti joining in the summer. The club finished 7th, again failing to keep up with the best teams of the league, with 3 managers in one season. Roy Hodgson was brought in in October to steady the ship, having left Switzerland’s national team. The club had a decent run in the Copa Italia but just missed out on the final, knocked out by Fiorentina in Semis. 

Inter Milan 1995/96 Jerseys


In 1996/97 the club used thinner stripes again, similar to the 1992/93 season. The Inter Milan club crest had also moved into the middle for the first time in the club’s history, along with the Umbro logo. The placement of the club crest and logo were the same on the away, which was again white and featured a blue and black horizontal stripe across the jersey with a gold Pirelli logo. The third jersey was gold again, inspired by the early 90s, with two black horizontal stripes going down the shoulder to the bottom of the jersey, and F.C. Internationale written in gold. 

Roy Hodgson’s first full season in charge was quite successful, with Inter finishing 3rd which was their best finish in the league in 4 years. The club also reached the semi-finals of the Copa Italia, losing on penalties to Napoli. The club made another European final, but couldn’t win any silverware, again losing on penalties, this time to Shalke. Despite the relative success, Hodgson let his contract expire and moved to Blackburn Rovers but is fondly remembered by Inter fans, setting them up for future success. 

Inter Milan 1996/97 Jerseys


In 1997/98 the club went back to a slightly thicker blue and black striped home jersey, with similar detailing to last seasons third jersey with F.C. Internationale written in grey on the black stripes. The away shirt used the same colours as last season, but the blue and black stripes ran vertically down the left-hand side of the jersey and the same pattern on the left sleeve. The third jersey from this season is one of the most sought after for collectors. It was a dark grey/blue colour with black horizontal stripes with light blue highlights and yellow Pirelli, Umbro and Inter logos. 

The club went all out in 1997/98 and signed Brazilian 20 year old, Ronaldo for a world record fee to put themselves back up amongst the big boys of Europe. The club just missed out on the Serie A title again, finishing 5 points behind Juventus. Ronaldo proved he was well worth the money that season, scoring 35 goals and firing the side into the UEFA Cup final. They lined up against fellow Italians Lazio, who they failed to beat in the league that season. Inter ended up winning comfortably, with Ronaldo, Zanetti and Zamorano scoring. 

Inter Milan 1997/98 Jerseys


In 1998/99 Umbro’s seven-year stint with Inter Milan had come to an end, with Nike taking over and remaining with the club to this day. The first Nike home jersey was not too dissimilar to the previous few Umbro jerseys, but with the club, crest moving back out onto the left-hand side of the chest. The away jersey was white again with a black collar, and with a blue line above the Pirelli logo, and a black line below the Pirelli logo. The third jersey was dark blue with a black stripe across the middle of the shirt, with a white line between the blue base and the black stripe. 

Inters title drought extended to 10 seasons after another chaotic, disappointing season in Serie A. The club had 4 managers this season; Luigi Simoni until November, Mircea Lucescu until March, and Castellini took over as caretaker until Roy Hodgson came back to take over caretaker duties. Inter finished 8th in Serie A and were plagued by Ronaldo’s injury issues, only playing 19 games for the season. 

Inter Milan Jerseys 1998/99


The 1999/00 home jersey from Nike changed up the blue and black stripes with the blue stripe positioned in the middle of the jersey for the first time and also ditched the collar for the first time ever. The away jersey was all white with blue trimming and the third was yellow with a collar and blue and black highlights. All jerseys displayed the new club crest as well, with the previous one being used for 10 years. 

After the poor season, Inter bought Christian Vieri from Lazio, breaking the transfer record again on a striker. Veiri and Ronaldo started the season on fire but Inter lost them both to injuries, Ronaldo only playing 8 games and Vieri 24. Despite the injuries, Inter managed to finish 4th with Roberto Baggio playing in his last season at the club. Inter also reached the final of the Copa Italia but lost to Vieri’s former club, Lazio 2-1 on aggregate. 

Inter Milan 1999/00 Jerseys


The 2000/01 Inter Milan home jersey had a thick collar and predominantly black sleeves, with the blue and black stripes remaining a similar style to the previous year. The away jersey was very similar to the last year, but also a thicker, light blue collar. Inter Milan’s Third Jersey that season was was orange, a spin on the gold colour the club had used previously for away and third shirts. 

Inter finished 5th in Serie A this season, relying on Vieri and Robbie Keane for goals, with Ronaldo missing the whole season. The club was knocked out early in the champions league, and in the quarter-finals of the Copa Italia by parma who smashed them 6-1. 

Inter Milan Jerseys 2000/01


The Nike Inter Milan home jersey in 2001/02 brought back the collar and introduced gold piping down the sides of the jersey. The away was white with a light blue subtle pattern across the chest and sleeves. The third jersey was orange again, with an open V-neck collar and a horizontal line pattern throughout. 

Inter Milan started the season on fire, losing just one of their first 14 games, with Christian Vieiri continuing to score goals, with 25 in 28 matches. Going into the last game of the season, Inter needed to win to secure the title. They scored twice in the first half but each time Lazio equalised not long after and piled on an extra 2 in the second half meaning Inter slid down to the 3rd place, falling just short of their first title in over 10 years. 

Inter Milan Jerseys 2001/02


In 2002/03 Nike reverted the stripes back to the original format, where the black stripe is positioned in the middle of the jersey. The away jersey was an obvious homage to the 94/95 Umbro away jersey with a black and blue sash across the jersey except this time it went from the opposite shoulder. The third jersey was yellow, a traditional third for Inter, dating back to the early 90s.

Ronaldo left Inter at the start of a season for Real Madrid after an injury-plagued few years in Italy. Inter brought in River Plate legend Hernan Crespo to replace Ronaldo and play upfront with Vieri. Crespo was integral to Inters Champions League campaign where he scored 9 goals and leg the Italians to the Semi-finals where they were knocked out by cross-town rivals AC Milan on away goals. The side also finished 2nd in the league, going so close again to breaking the title drought, finishing just behind Juventus. 

 Inter Milan 2002/03 Jerseys


The 2003/04 home jersey switched back to the blue stripe being in the middle of the jersey and ditched the yellow highlights but remained fairly similar. The away shirt was yellow this time, with lighter yellow horizontal stripes across the front of the jersey. The third shirt for this was last years away jersey with the blue and black sash. 

Inter continued their habit of starting slowly and sacking managers with Hector Cupert only making it to October after a great previous season. Alberto Zaccheroni took over and guided the side to a 4th place finish, finishing in the champions league places by a point over Parma. Christian Vieri was again the shining light, scoring another 17 goals in all competitions. 

Inter Milan 2003/04 Jerseys


The 2004/05 Jerseys were all Nike T90 template jerseys that were used across Europe that season, including Barcelona and Manchester United. The home was inspired by the 97/98 jersey, with the club crest moving into the middle for the first time since then and the Nike swoosh high on the right shoulder like the Umbro logo was. The away was white with blue highlights, and the third was also based on 1997/98, the year the club won the UEFA cup. 

Inter made another managerial change, bringing in Roberto Mancini and had another decent season in Serie A, finishing 3rd but still a way off Juventus who won the league again. The club had a good run in the Champions League as well, making the quarter-finals, but were knocked out by rivals AC Milan again. Inter did manage to break a 15-year domestic trophy drought, winning the Copa Italia with a 3-0 win over Roma. 

Inter Milan Jerseys 2003/04


The 2005/06 Inter Milan home jersey was similar to last season but the blue and black stripes were reversed. The away jersey was inspired by the classic 1996/97 Umbro away jersey, with two horizontal blue and black stripes across the stomach of the shirt. Inter used the same third shirt as last season for European matches, with it being one of the rarest shirts in the club’s history. 

After a chaotic few seasons off the pitch, Inter stuck with Mancini for the start of the new season which proved to be the right decision. It was almost identical to last season on the pitch, with the club beating Roma again in the Copa Italia Final and making the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The club finished 3rd in Serie A behind AC Milan & Juventus, who were disqualified handing Inter Milan their first title in 17 years. 

Inter Milan Jerseys 2005/06


The 2006/07 home jersey introduced a white collar for the first time in the jersey’s history and the club crest moved back over to the left side of the chest. The away jersey was inspired by the 1999/00 away jersey with a white base and blue trimming and the same third jersey was used for the third season in a row. 

With Juventus’s relegation and Milan and Fiorentina’s restrictions due to the Calciopoli scandal. Inter Milan were favourites for the title after signing Zlatan Ibrahimović, Patrick Vieira, and Maicon. The club went on a 17 match winning run and won the league by 22 points, only losing 1 game for the entire season. After beating Roma in the Copa Italia final in the previous two seasons, Roma got their revenge, beating Inter in the third final the sides had played in 3 years. 

Inter Milan 2006/07 Jerseys


For 2007/08, Nike celebrated Inter Milan’s Centenary with the home and away jerseys. The home was a traditional blue and black vertical striped shirt with ‘1908-2008’ and ‘100 ANNI INTER’ written around a new club crest. The away saw the flag of Milan, a red cross take up the whole of the jersey. The Pirelli logo shrunk down and was positioned beneath the crest on the left of the chest for the first time. 

Roberto Mancini led the side into the 2007/08 season, with the club being at its most stable in a long time. Inter went on to win their 3rd Serie A title in a row after a 17-year title drought with Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring 22 goals for the season. The club exited the champions league in the round of 16, losing to Liverpool 3-0 on aggregate. Inter also lost the Copa Italia to Roma again, which saw Mancini get the sack despite 3 Serie A titles in a row. 

Inter Milan 2007/08 Jerseys


In 2008/09 Inter Milan and Nike celebrated 3 titles in a row with golden highlights on the home jersey, including the Pirelli logo. The away jersey was relatively plain, all white with a black Pirelli logo and Nike swoosh. 

Jose Mourinho was brought in from Chelsea after the sacking of Roberto Mancini. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and a 17-year-old Mario Balotelli led the goalscorers with 39 between them. Jose led Inter to a historic 4th title in a row, which had not been achieved since Torino in the 1940s. They were knocked out in the round of 16 again, this time by Manchester United and in the Semi-Finals of the Copa Italia by Sampdoria. 

Inter Milan 2008/09 Jerseys


The 2009/10 Nike home jersey was a much more modern look and fit than past jerseys, with the flag of Milano printed on the inside of the jersey and the colours of the Italian flag surrounding the inter crest. The Away jersey was another throwback to the 1996/97 jersey, last used to inspire the 2005/06 jersey. The away shirt also had a plain white collar and blue trimming on the sleeves. 

The 2009/10 season for Inter Milan is probably the best and most successful in the club’s history and justified the arrival of Jose Mourinho. The squad was filled with quality with the likes of; Zanetti, Sneidjer, Eto’o, Samuel, Julio Cesar, & Diego Milito. The club won Serie A, winning 5 titles in a row which had never been done before, and only since been accomplished by Juventus. Inter Milan also went on to beat Roma in the Copa Italia final, in the 5th meeting in 6 years between the two sides in the final of the competition. The side also had a stunning champions league campaign, beating Barcelona & Chelsea on their way to the final where they met Bayern Munich. A Diego Milito brace secured a historic treble and champions league win, the first time the club had one the European Cup since 1965 and the first & only treble for any club in Serie A. 

 2009/10 Inter Milan Jerseys



The Inter Milan home jersey for the 2010/11 season was the biggest change up the shirt had ever seen, with Nike experimenting with the design of the blue and black stripes. The away jersey was also a bold design, featuring Il Biscone (The Serpent)  for the first time on a jersey, The Biscone comes from the coat of arms of the Visconti family who ruled over Milan during the Renaissance in Italy. 

Jose Mourinho had been poached by Real Madrid after the success of 2009/10 so the club brought in Rafa Benetiz after leaving Liverpool. After 5 Serie A titles in a row, the club fell just short in the league, finishing 6 points behind rivals AC Milan. Inter were knocked out of the Champions League in the quarter-finals, losing to Shalke 7-5 on aggregate but did still manage to win some silverware, beating Palermo in the Copa Italia final. 

2010/11 Inter Milan Jerseys



The Inter Milan home jersey reverted back to the traditional stripes this season and brought back a collar for the first time since 2007. The home shirt was similar to 97/98 with thinners stripes and a black collar. The away was inspired by 93/94 which Nike like to reference, using it in 02/03 as well. 

Rafa Benitez was sacked before the end of the 2010/11 season and Inter Milan were back to their old ways, going through 3 managers this season, including Claudio Renieri. This Inter Milan side finished 6th in Serie A, the clubs worst finish for a season since 1998/99. The club also had its worst Copa Italia run since the early 2000s, knocked out in the Quarter-finals, and didn’t fair any better in the Champions League. Diego Milito was the only positive this season, scoring 26 goals in all competitions. 

Inter Milan 2011/12 Jerseys


In 2012/13 The Inter Milan home jersey changed things up significantly from the previous season, opting for much thicker stripes and ditching the collar, similar to the jersey from the 1999/00 season. The away jersey used a red base for the first time in its history, the only other appearance of red on an inter shirt is the 2007/08 away jersey, based on the flag of Milan. 

It was another painful year for Inter, this time with their worst finish since 1993/94 with 9th place with a negative goal difference. The side was knocked out in the Round of 16 in the Europa League as well by Tottenham and a 23-year-old Gareth Bale. Inter continued their rivalry with Roma in the Copa Italia with a tense semi-final which finished 5-2 on aggregate in Romas favour. Rodrigo Palacio was signed from Genoa and had a good season for the club, finishing with 22 goals in all competitions. 

Inter Milan 2012/13 Jerseys


The 2013/14 Inter Milan Home Jersey gave the famous blue and black stripes a makeover with a much darker shade of blue and a wider design which commemorates Inter winning the cup winner's cup 50 years ago. The away jersey is a white base with a bright blue used for the sleeve trimming. Collar and Pirelli logo, similar to the 2006/07 away jersey and 2000/01. The club used the previous year’s red away jersey as the third kit for this season.

The club improved under new manager Walter Mazzarri, finishing 5th and just missing out on Champions League place. The side were disappointing in the Copa Italia, losing to Udinese and being knocked out in the round of 16. This season was Javier Zanetti's 19th and final season at the club after debuting in 1995. The side also signed Mauro Icardi this season from Sampdoria as the 21-year-old scored 9 goals in the league, only bettered by Palacio with 17. 

2014/15 Inter Milan Jerseys


For the first time in the club’s history, the club opted away from the traditional black and blue striped design and used a pinstripe design instead. The jersey was a black base with blue pinstripes and a button-up collar. The away jersey was a white base with grey horizontal stripes which made up a cross pattern for the flag of Milan, with touches of red as well the jersey was inspired by the 2007/08 away shirt. 

Inter Milan had another disappointing season in Serie A slipping back down to 8th. The club didn’t fare much better in cup competitions however Mauro Icardi announced himself as one of Europes best young strikers, netting 27 times in all competitions and finished the season as Serie A top goalscorer. 

 Inter Milan 2014/15 Jerseys


After two seasons of creative home jerseys, Nike reverted back to the traditional stripes for Inter Milan this season with a blue-collar. The away jersey was inspired by the 1990/91 away shirt for the 25th anniversary of the season in which the club won its first-ever UEFA Cup, the away shirt was also the only kit ever to have the Driver sponsor instead of Pirelli. The third jersey was a yellow gradient and was part of Nikes ‘night rising’ template which they used for Manchester City, Barcelona, and Galatasary. 

The 2015/16 season saw Roberto Mancini back in charge and looking to overhaul the squad. Mancini brought in Jovetic, Kondogbia, Ivan Perisic, and Alex Telles and the side struggled early to gel. The club did get it together rather quickly and was top of the table by Christmas, going on to finish 4th and had their best points tally in 5 years. Mauro Icardi scored another 16 goals in the league, the highest at the club. 

2015/16 Inter Milan Jerseys


The 2016/17 Inter Milan home jersey incorporated a circular pattern throughout the blue and black stripes and the sleeves were a solid black, much like the 2012/13 season. The away jersey was another white away kit, and had blue and black detailing on the sleeves, like the shirt from 13/14. The third jersey was another template that Nike had used for other thirds that season; Manchester City, Barcelona, and PSG. The shirt was a blue base that faded to green from top to bottom. 

Roberto Mancini left the club by mutual consent at the start of the season with the club bringing in Ajax manager Frank de Boer who didn’t speak Italian. Predictably, de Boer struggled and was gone by November, replaced by Stefano Pioli. The side picked up 7 wins in a row in the middle of the season, achieving a 7th place finish which could have been much worse. 

Inter Milan 2016/17 Jerseys


For the first time ever the Inter Milan home jersey featured stripes of different widths, which was inspired by the Milan skyline. The away jersey was a white base again and had one blue sleeve and one black sleeve. The third jersey was again a Nike template, this time a grey camouflage jersey which was used for; Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and AS Roma. 

After a poor finish to 16/17, Stefano Pioli was sacked and in came Luciano Spalletti. Inter went the first 15 games unbeaten in the league but then went 8 games without a win in what was an up and down season for the Nerazzuri. The side finished 4th in Serie A and made it to the quarter-finals of the Copa Italia, with Mauro Icardi the top scorer in the league with 29 goals. 

Inter Milan 2017/18 Jerseys


The 18/19 Home jersey was inspired by the first Nike home jersey and celebrated 20 years of the partnership between the two. The home jersey also featured a graphic between the stripes which was meant to look like snake scales in reference to Inter's 'Il Biscione'. The away jersey featured the same snake scale design as the home in a white and grey colourway with a blue and black collar. The third jersey for 18/19 featured a distorted map of Milan’s city centre with the flag of Milano on the front, very similar to the 07/08 away jersey. 

Luciano Spalleti got a rare second season in charge and brought in the likes of Radja Nainggolan and Lautaro Martinez. Inter Milan finished 4th in the league again and were knocked out in the group stage of the Champions League. The side was disappointing again in the Copa Italia, making it 8 years without featuring in the final. 

Inter Milan 2018/19 Jerseys


The 2019/20 Home jersey featured one of the wildest designs for an Inter Home jersey with diagonal stripes surrounding the sponsor and vertical stripes through the rest of the jersey. The away jersey was teal for the first time, paying homage to the goalkeeper kit which Julio Cesar wore when the club won the treble in 2009/10. The third jersey was black with yellow accents, inspired by Pirelli Formula 1 tyres. 

In 2019/20 the club brought in Antonio Conte after 10 years without a Serie A title. The club brought in Lukaku for big money who scored 34 goals in the league firing the club to within touching distance of the league, finishing 2nd by a point behind Juventus. The club made it to the Semi-Finals of the Coppa Italia, the furthest they had made it in 5 seasons. 

2019/20 Inter Milan Jerseys


The 20/21 Home jersey was inspired by the 1980s designers in Milan and was similar to the jersey from 2010/11 which the club wore when it won the Coppa Italia over Palermo. The away jersey was also inspired by the 1980s and the Memphis Milano architecture and design group, using a black and blue grid pattern on a white base. The third jersey was a welcome throwback to the 1997/98 & 2004/05 third shirt which the club won the UEFA Cup in. 

The 2020/21 season saw Antonio Conte break an 11 year title drought, wrapping up the league with 4 games to play. Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez combined for 49 goals in all competitions and the side contained the likes of Ashley Young, Eriksen, Hakimi, Vidal & Alexis Sanchez, going on a 20 match unbeaten run. The side also went on to make the Semi-Finals of the Coppa Italia but didn’t progress out of the group stage in the Champions League.


Inter Milan 2020/21 Jerseys


The 2021/22 Inter Milan Jerseys were not sponsored by Pirelli for the first time in 24 years. The new Inter Milan Jerseys were sponsored by Socios, an online fan voting platform that enables soccer fans to have a say in some of their favourite club’s decisions with the deal being worth around $35 Million AUD a season. 

The Home jersey The shirt uses a pixelated royal, navy blue and black to resemble snakeskin, forming the club’s familiar Nerazzurri stripes. The snakeskin pattern is a reference to the Biscione mascot of Inter Milan. 

The Away jersey sticks with the theme of the with it featuring the blue & black Biscione running down the front and back of the jersey on a white base. 

The 2021/22 third kit is inspired by the away kits from 88-91 but applied new colours, inspired by Inter's founding values of inclusion and equality. 

2021/22 Inter Milan Jerseys


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