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Adidas reveal the Juventus 20/21 third jersey

Adidas reveal the Juventus 20/21 third jersey

Article by: Mickey

Thu, Sep 10.20

Adidas reveal the Juventus 20/21 third jersey

How many times have you seen vibrant orange on a Juventus jersey? The answer is never. The Juventus 20/21 third jersey is a completely new look for the Old Lady, a modern art inspired classic that is sure to turn heads. This is a confident club bringing vibrancy to their look to reflect the team’s spirit they will bring to the pitch under new manager Andrea Pirlo.

The striking design continues the club's modern and constant progression as they look to grow the club more and more around the world. The new stripped back and minimal logo a few years ago in 2017 was just the start, now the club is consistently looking to turn up the heat with surprises for fans who may never have thought of this colour combination before.

What fans have with this third jersey is a one that keeps with the clubs traditions woven into the clubs DNA, but also freshness for a new era ahead. As much as Juventus won yet another league title last year, there were clear signs new direction was needed, in our opinion not just at a coaching level, so this jersey really does hit the mark in terms of adding a level of much needed newness. With Antonio Conte’s Inter and other clubs around them looking to improve, Juventus need to stay ahead of the pack and this jersey suits that vibe perfectly.

“We wanted to create all three Juventus kits for the 2020/21 season through the lens of art. The patterns that we have been able to form demonstrate the world of jersey design and art colliding. Juventus is a club that stands for innovation and is a global leader in football so we focused on bringing unique elements to each of kits. For the third jersey, this is the bold colour scheme, using orange for the first time in the club’s history.” - Francesca Venturini, the adidas Designer behind all three Juventus jerseys for season 2020/21.

Tech wise the replica jersey offers similar benefits with AEROREADY – FEEL READY, a technology that helps players feel comfortable and ready to play. 

Definitely a loud jersey for Juve fans to get used to, but for a club that's been sitting on top of Serie A for so long, with the coolest manager in football now at the helm matched with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala - they can absolutely pull this wild design off. 

You can buy the juventus 20/21 third jersey in store at Ultra HQ or online here.

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