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Nike FC Cup Profile: Steph Galea

Nike FC Cup Profile: Steph Galea

Article by: Bella Sewards

Mon, Jun 20.22

Nike FC Cup Profile: Steph Galea

Steph Galea first discovered her love for football at school, where countless lunchtimes were spent kicking a ball with friends. “I’ve never really had any interest in other sports,” she admits. The Heidelberg United captain is renowned for her constant effort, support and leadership, both on and off the pitch.


The relationships we build are among the most significant reasons for playing football. Whilst Steph didn’t grow up in a football obsessed family, she and her dad developed their love for the game alongside one another. “For me, it’s [football] as a way that dad and I bond.” The two share a beautiful connection, and Steph describes her dad as her biggest fan. “He doesn’t like to miss a game. He waits up when I get home at 10 o’clock to ask how training was.”

Steph’s undeniable passion for the world game is evident as we speak. She credits her love and enjoyment of the sport to the people she surrounds herself with. “It’s the people you meet,” she says. “That’s what has pushed me to keep going.” 



After spending 12 years at Bundoora United, Steph allowed herself some well-earnt time to travel and play football more casually. In 2016, one year later, she made the move to Heidelberg United, a club in Victoria’s top tier. 


During her first year at the club, Heidelberg lifted the Nike FC Cup trophy. It’s a moment she describes as one of her favourite football experiences. “It’s a completely different game, finals football. I’m definitely hungry for more.” Now, she’s one of only two players that remain from that cup winning team.



Whilst that match was the last time the team took home a trophy, Steph doesn’t shy away from the struggles they’ve faced. She admits that it hasn’t been an easy journey since, but she’s not dwelling on the past. “We’ve built something good here. I’d love to be successful with Heidelberg… because I might not stop until that happens.”


Steph speaks with great appreciation about the community at Heidelberg. “I can see the club’s headed in the right direction,” she says. “Bringing in the right people, the right coaches, that obviously has helped.” One of those people is Helen Tyrikos, the head of women’s football at the club. Helen has fostered a close-knit, professional environment for the women and girls. “She’s honestly like a mum away from football.” 


As the captain, Steph plays a key role at Heidelberg. “I feel like I show my captaincy through [my] efforts… I lead by example.” From her nature and in the way she speaks, it’s clear that she’s the type of captain who makes everyone feel comfortable. The role comes with great responsibility, and Steph speaks about the legacy she hopes to leave at the club. Creating bonds with players throughout the senior and junior programs is key. 


Whether it’s playing, coaching or volunteering, Steph finds herself at the club more often than not. “You’re always there helping, you’re just a familiar face.” However, it doesn’t leave her with much time away from the sport she so dearly loves. She concedes that football and its demands can take a toll. 



Starting work an hour and a half early is common in the busier months of the year. It allows her to leave on time in order to get to training. Days like these ones start at 7.30am and finish after 10pm. It doesn’t leave Steph with much time for herself, but she doesn’t complain. “I guess because you love what you’re doing it’s not too bad,” she says. “If you love who you’re seeing every day, you just grind through it.”


Steph Galea’s bond with football is rare. She has spent her life dedicated to the sport and has become an integral part of the football community. She’s loyal, generous and hard working. “If I’m not coaching or playing, I’m at the club, it’s where I like to be.” It is clear that Steph plans to continue her journey at Heidelberg United. “Ever since I’ve been at Heidelberg, I just haven’t thought of anything else,” she says. “It’s the club I want to stay with.” 


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