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Paulo Dybala: From Cordoba to Turin

Paulo Dybala: From Cordoba to Turin

Article by: Adamo De Nigris

Fri, Oct 26.18

Paulo Dybala: From Cordoba to Turin


 The football genius and golden child of Argentina “La Joya” or better known as “The Jewel” has paved his own way all the way from his small family village to the world stage in Turin, Italy and his chapter has only just begun.

The 15th of November 1993 in Laguna Large, Cordoba, Argentina, saw the birth of Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala, the last kid of the Dybala family. The small town of Laguna Large helped mold young Paulo early in his life. He lived around 60 kilometers from the main city square and the city only has around 7000 people. The passion of everyone in the country of Argentina is and always will be football. “All of our parents practically install it in us from the day we are born. The first thing they give us on birthdays is a football.” Dybala saw the passion that the people had for the game and knew he wanted to be a part of it early.

Before the birth of his three sons, Adolfo Dybala the father of Dybala spoke the words… “One of my sons would be born someday with one mission. To play football.”

Paulo Dybala was destined to fulfill this prophecy set by his father. He was shaped at a very tender age to play the world game. Adolfo would never give up to help his son live out his lifelong dream, using the last dollar to buy gas for the car, so he was able to drive his to pitches near their house on a daily basis.

Paulo’s father invested so much into the young star, he saw so much potential and the determination to succeed. “There was no day that my dad did not accompany me at training. As a kid, all I cared about was how I played. I would go home, lock myself in the bathroom and cry when not given enough playing time or when I didn’t perform enough skills.”

Paulo has gained the eligibility to play for either Polish, Italian or Argentine national football teams. As his father was born in a town called Krasniow in Poland, where his family fled during world war 2 after Nazi Germany occupied the village. His mother, however, was Naples in Italy. As of 2012, where Paulo obtained his Italian citizenship, Italy is where he now calls home.

Growing up Paulo played in many small leagues during his schooling years, 2011 saw him at ‘Instituto de Cordoba’ and then turned professional at the age of 17 playing for the Argentinian club Primera B Nacional. While playing at Primera in his first season he played as a striker and scored 17 goals for the club, becoming the youngest player to beat the previous record. During this time, as a young amateur professional player, Dybala was also the first player to score two hat-tricks in a season in the league. Not long after, Dybala was contracted by the Italian professional club, Palermo in 2012.

After his strong stint at Palermo, Paulo picked up the attention of many other European clubs wanting to poach the young star. He was quoted as the "up and coming Lionel Messi". Both from the same roots and the same size heart for the game of Football.

After 3 years at Palermo, his first international contract, and chance to prove himself to the world. Paulo scored himself the biggest goal of his career. The Italian giants out of Italy, Juventus. In which they offered the young Argentinian a five-year contract to their world-class club.

This was a massive signing by the club, and the pressure was high from the moment he held up the jersey for the media. The Juventus fans knew how good this young kid could. How many goals he could score and what he could do for the team. After playing a year at Palermo, being relegated from the Serie A to Serie B, he knew it was going to be a challenge to face off against the best in the game.

Juventus was a big change coming from a smaller team like Palermo and took a lot of effort from Dybala to adjust and keep up with the world class expectations, high paced and legacy of the club.

It didn't take long before Dybala rose to the be not only one of the best in the squad at Juventus, a real danger to the Serie A competition. 2017 saw Dybala score 12 goals in just eight games to open the season. In doing so he was the first player in the history of Serie A to net that many goals in the first eight games of a top-flight season since Antonio Angelillo, all the way back in 1958, no one had ever started a campaign in more prolific fashion.

Since then, Paulo Dybala has once again proven himself to be a force in the front line for Juventus' first team. Recently, "La Hoya" scoring the game winning goal over Manchester United at Old Trafford was described as a childhood dream by Paulo himself. Juventus out classed the Red Devils on their own turf, sealing top spot on the Champions League table.

Upon signing for Juventus, Dybala continued to choose the Nike Mercurial Superfly line as his preferred boots. However, in February 2017 Dybala started wearing a blacked-out pair of the Superfly V’s as well as marking his own trademark logo onto the boots. After this, we saw a transition into the adidas line of football boots. Continuing his low-key appearance on the field, his next switch was another pair of blackouts, this time being the adidas X17+ Purespeed in June 2017. With multiple boot switches over his short career, the biggest surprise of all was the official announcement by adidas weeks prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Stating that Dybala had officially signed with the brand and showcased wearing arguably the most disruptive and limited boot on the market, Glitch 19. At the beginning of the 2018-19 season for Juventus, the explosive and quick Dybala slipped on the X18+ for the majority of the season.

What are your thoughts on the Paulo Dybala the young gun and goal assassin for Juventus FC? Will he continue to dominate and earn himself a spot as one of the best in the world? All we know is his legacy has only just begun and he has a long successful career ahead of him.

Stay tuned to Ultra Football for whats to come with Dybala and Adidas and for all the latest updates!

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