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Dele Alli Looks To Fall In Love With Football Again At Besiktas

Dele Alli Looks To Fall In Love With Football Again At Besiktas

Article by: Mickey

Fri, Aug 26.22

Dele Alli Looks To Fall In Love With Football Again At Besiktas
"What a decline... it's sad to see... he's finished."

Football can be a cruel game. One day you're hot, the next you're not. If you aren't careful and willing to put in the hard yards, a career can pass you by in a flash.

Dele Alli shouldn't be playing at Besiktas this season. But who's to say it won't be the tonic he needs to find confidence and, perhaps, affection again for the game which seems to have completed diminished in him?

When you look back at Dele's career at Spurs it's hard to understand how this move has happened so soon. Sure, if he was 30+ we'd all get it. If someone told you this would be on the cards even a year ago, most people would be surprised. His career has regressed but still, Besiktas? Now?

This is a guy who was absolutely flying, particularly back in the 2016/17 and 18/19 seasons. Those trademark runs into the box with top drawer finishing. Strong in the air. When confident and willing to get on the end of things: wow. He looked like a generational talent. Someone that was destined for big things for years ahead. Confidence could well be the key word. That's why we have hope for Dele. We think he can get it back.

The writing had been on the wall of late and with rumours of the move to Turkey, many people brought up the 1 on 1 with José Mourinho again on social media. A time when José laid it all out on the table. "One day I'm sure you will regret it if you don't reach what you can reach".

It was an awkward interview to watch but one that many people knew would have been happening behind the scenes. For the fan sitting at home watching on TV or in the stands it's a decline that's hard to understand. We're not saying he's ever going to get back to those Spurs days, but let's look at some positives.


After years on the outskirts, what a brave place to go to find some spark as still a relatively young man. Big name English players traditionally don't go overseas unless it's on tournament duty. At worst, this will be an amazing life experience for him, one that not many players will ever get to experience. Besiktas fans are in a different league and have already shown they will idolise him. How can this not fill him with confidence?

This move is also a fresh start away from the intense scrutiny the English game possesses. Another move to another English team would have been met with the same feelings. This move allows him to have a different chance to play somewhere new and away from the public eye. If things start going well in a league he clearly has the talent for, people back home will hear about it and start to believe again.

You know what could happen as well? Dele might finally win something. Spurs and Everton are massive clubs, but they aren't nailed on challengers for trophies. Besiktas won the Turkish Super Cup last season and will be in the mix for it again this year. Throw in the Turkish Cup and the league and there's three attainable trophies up for grabs. This could have a positive effect on him in terms of growing hunger for more.

I wonder what it would have been like jumping on the plane to Istanbul. He would have heard the stories and seen the YouTube clips. Having a few hundred fans greet him at the airport would have made it all real. But this is just the beginning. Vodafone Park will be absolutely rocking this season - and if he helps deliver the title... he'll find it hard to leave. Just ask Mario Gomez.


In July of 2015 Mario Gomez signed for Besiktas on loan from Fiorentina with an option to buy. Sound familiar? Gomez went on to finish top scorer in the league with 26 goals in 33 games. A proper number 9's season scoring all sorts of goals. Check them out below if you haven't. Besiktas fans frequent the video often because of how high they regard the former German striker. What helped the most was that these goals helped secure the league title for the club. Their first since 2008.

[My time at] Beşiktaş was a pure dream for me. It was wonderful. I had a consistent season there. It was my biggest success after 2013 Champions League title". - Mario Gomez in a 2016 interview with German newspaper Die Welt

Gomez was flying again and wanted to stay beyond his loan deal. The difficult decision to head to Germany was in reference to the 2016 coup d'état attempt in Turkey. The uncertainty at the time made it hard to stay, and the Besiktas fans were devastated. Even with his career now over, they're still waiting for his return.

It's now over to Dele. Can he have a similar impact to Gomez and deliver not only a title but a message to the haters - ‘I’ve still got it, and the experience was so good I might just stay’?

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