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Around The Grounds #6

Around The Grounds #6

Article by: Mickey

Wed, Sep 09.20

Around The Grounds #6

The Premier League is almost here. Ligue 1 is already back. Things are happening and we're getting excited - and we haven't even mentioned the Nations League which, in our opinion, has been a breath of fresh air for international football. Even if it is going to stress out managers across the big leagues seeing their players play successive games this early in the season... 

We love it. 

Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike Mercurial Superfly



    Another day, another record for one of the greatest players to ever play the game. A man who will probably go down as the best greatest goal scorer of all time. This morning’s 100th and 101st goal for Portugal will go a long way to backing up that claim. For those who didn’t see it, go and take a look. Two stunning goals including a freekick – it was a CR7 masterclass in his Nike Mercurial Superfly’s from the Daybreak Pack.

    If you’re a fan of Cristiano and want to own a piece of history, these boots are a no brainer whether you want to rock or stock them.

    History. Right there. Available now.

    Aaron Ramsay – New Balance Tekela V3



      Flick through this carousel and look who’s back in New Balance 👀 Aaron Ramsey was seen rocking a pair of black Tekela V3s and if that’s something that excites you, stay tuned for 6PM Thursday 10/9/20 as we welcome back New Balance to Ultra Football with a drop that’s definitely going to catch your eye!

      Allan Saint-Maximin – Puma Ultra 1.1



        The twitter sensation. We love him and his brash attitude and flair on pitch! Allan was seen in training rocking a product we recently launch at Ultra HQ, the Chasing Adrenaline pack Puma Ultra 1.1 – the debut model for Puma’s new generation of speed. But yes, you’re correct! There is indeed a big difference with this pair… it’s a blackout version that’s due to drop soon. You’ll just have to stay tuned…

        We love the boot. If you’re wondering whether to give it a shot or not take it from us, it’s light and feels great on feet. Definitely worth a try!

        Julian Draxler - Adidas Predator 20.1 L



          Jule is the subject to a bit of transfer gossip at the moment – could we be seeing him in the Prem at Leeds? Leeds fans will surely hope so. A player with immense talent who you feel hasn’t even got close to reaching his potential.

          What’s he rocking at the moment? The stunning adidas Inflight pack Predator 20.1 Lows. You know what we think of these and we know you love them to. How can you not?

          Lucas Digne – Puma Ultra 1.1



            We revisit Puma once again because we love the new Ultra that much, not only because we share the best name in football. Lucas Digne wore the debut orange Ultra 1.1 colourway against Sweden which is available now as part of the Chasing Adrenaline pack. Doesn’t it just look absolutely stunning against the classy new Nike away jersey?

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